OEC 9900 Hardware and Software Options

Just like the 9800 before it, the OEC 9900 is a C-arm that comes with a variety of hardware configurations and software packages. If you're not sure whether the 9900 would be a good fit for the specialties you plan to practice at your facility, take a look at the list below to see if there's a hardware and software pairing that will work together to meet your needs.

OEC 9900 Configurations

Hardware Options

Standard 9”- OEC's standard-sized C-arm with a 9" image intensifier (II), used often for cardiac, orthopedics, pain management, general surgery, pacemaker placement, sports medicine

Standard 12”- OEC's standard-sized C-arm with 12" II, used often for vascular, neurovascular, and orthopedics

Super C- Larger C-arm (7" deeper arc than standard 9", 5" deeper than standard 12"), 33° more rotation than standard systems, only available with 9" II

Motorized 9"- Motor-driven, joystick-controlled C movements, standard C size

Motorized 12"- Motor-driven, joystick-controlled C movements, Super C size


Software options

GSP- General surgery package, digital spot, pulsed fluoro, averaging, edge enhancement

ESP- Extended surgery package, GSP features plus more image storage, digital zoom, and roam

ESP w/15 fps Digital Disk- ESP features plus 10 minute recording time at 15 fps, automatic playback, and frame-by-frame review

PMCare- ESP features plus real-time subtraction, digital subtraction angio, 8 fps digital disk with 5 minute recording time, automatic playback, and frame-by-frame review

Basic Vascular- PMCare features plus DSA, roadmapping, 8 fps cine

Vascular MTS- Vascular features plus motion tolerant subtration (MTS), 10 minute recording time at 30 fps, and digital cine pulse mode

Cardiac with Interventional Vascular- Vascular MTS features plus 30 fps cine, 3-pedal footswitch, single leaf curved collimator (note: cardiac platform always paired with Super C)


The Cost Differential

Now that you've seen the combinations there are to choose from, you're probably wondering what the price difference is between a more basic setup like a standard C with a 9" II and GSP software versus something more feature-rich like a cardiac Super C. Excellent question!

OEC 9900 C-arms on the secondary market average between $70,000 - $90,000 depending on the hardware/software combination and the age of the particular system you're looking at.

 If the 9900 has the options that you want, but sits outside your current budget, most of the same hardware/software pairings are available for its predecessor, the OEC 9800. You can click here to see the full list

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