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GE Innova DL: What Does It Do, Which One Do I Have?

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Every Innova cath/angio system has an Atlas C1 cabinet where the lion's share of the image processing takes place. There are a lot of electronics inside this cabinet, including two computers called the DL and the RTAC. We'll be sure to give you the rundown on the RTAC too, but right now we’ll start with the DL.

DL stands for digital leader. As the user, you have little interaction with this computer, but it is incredibly important to the functioning of your Innova system. Keep reading to find out why your Innova DL is so important as well as how to tell which version of the DL (there are several) is installed in the system you have in front of you.

GE Innova DL Computers Explained

What Does an Innova DL Do?

GE Innova_DL Computer• All the service and applications interactions for your system are routed through this computer

It stores the studies performed on the system

It sends the studies to your PACS network

It stores the system's software

It displays images to the monitor and handles post-processing of those images

To put the importance of the DL more succinctly: it's the brain of your Innova.

Which Version of DL Do I Have?

GE has made several iterations of the DL since the product line's introduction (DL2, DL4, DL6, etc). The specific DL version that you have on your system will vary depending on when your system was manufactured and what version GE was installing in the factory at the time of manufacturing. It’s possible for two Innovas manufactured in the same year, or even month, to have different DL versions.

If your engineer says you need a new DL for your system, make sure you know exactly what version you are looking for before you call to order parts.

Innova DL LabelTo find out which version of DL you have, there are two reliable methods:

1. Open the Atlas cabinet and slide the DL (top) computer out. It is mounted to sliding rails and should move easily. Please note that once the rails are fully extended, they allow the DL to hang downward at a slight angle- don't be startled, this is by design.

Sometimes the DL is held in place by a single screw on either side of it. Simply remove these to allow the rails to slide freely. A label like the one pictured here should be affixed to the right side of the computer with the exact DL version and the date of manufacture printed on it.

Find the DL version2. Power up your Innova system's workstation. After boot-up, on the homescreen, click the Swiss Army knife-shaped icon and select "service" in the drop-down menu to open the service user's interface (SUIF). The opening screen of the SUIF will show you a system overview. In the "Release Information" table, in the top right field, the version of your DL will be listed (DL6, in the case of the system pictured here).

The Takeaway

Besides the digital detector, your DL computer is one of the most important components on your Innova lab. A failure in your DL can mean significant downtime for your system. Fortunately, if you can confirm which DL version you need, used DL computers are available for significantly lower prices than new DLs from the OEM.

If you need a DL, or other Innova cath lab parts, our team is ready to help. You can use the button below to submit a request and get a price quote. You can also learn more about Innova systems, parts, and service from any of the other resources below.

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