Used Medical Imaging Parts vs. New: What’s BEST for You?

The nature of all things mechanical is that eventually some part of them will either fail or show signs that failure is on the way. Whether it’s a car, a furnace, or even that CT scanner you just added to you imaging center, the dreaded day that it “starts smoking” is just a matter of time.

Medical imaging parts are purchased every day by hospitals and imaging centers across the medical imaging field. If you've been through it and are hoping for a way to save, there's good news: you have the option of deciding whether you want to buy new or used. If you’re anything like me, you might wrestle between when it makes sense to buy new and when it might be a better idea to buy used. Here are a few things to consider as you approach the decision:

Where Do the Equipment Parts Come From? 

Manufacturers aren't the only one who can provide new parts. While they may not be able to offer every part on a system brand new, many third-party suppliers can provide a number of key components that have never been installed in a system.

Third-party suppliers aren't the only ones who can provide used parts. Both manufacturers and third-party parts supplier can provide parts that have been fully repaired and tested. As a general rule, however, there's more flexibility in pricing among third parties.

In addition to parts that have been harvested from deinstalled equipment, third-party parts supplier can provide parts, fully tested, straight from a functional system. The part that's delivered to you today might have been installed just yesterday and working like a dream.

What’s the Difference in Cost?

On average, purchasing parts from a third-party parts supplier can save you 30% - 50% off the cost of buying the same part from the manufacturer. To see an example, check out the difference in buying new vs used digital mammo tubes, or cath lab tubes

What’s the Difference in Warranty?

Depending on the part, you may be surprised to find that a part from a third-party supplier can have a longer warranty than the manufacturer’s part.

The Takeaway

At the end of the day, you have an imaging system that needs to be scanning patients at top diagnostic quality for the best economy you can manage. Used, tested, and repaired imaging parts can offer the functionality and affordable pricing you'll need to achieve both of those goals.

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Garth Immelman

Garth Immelman is a Parts Customer Service Representative Team Lead at Block Imaging. He views every day as an opportunity to grow in his role, supplying the industry with and educating it about the parts that keep their equipment going. Outside of work Garth enjoys spending time with his wife, finding ways to make huge bonfires, and traveling to Traverse City, MI.