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6 Questions to Ask Before Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment

Posted by Josh Block

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Aug 15, 2011 10:03:00 AM

Want to know how to prevent costly mistakes and major headaches when buying refurbished medical imaging equipment? Be sure to ask these 6 questions: 

  1. "Does your company own, or have under contract, the piece of equipment you are looking to sell to me?"

    Used Medical Equipment InventoryWhether a company owns, has an exclusive marketing agreement, or is simply brokering the equipment you are looking to purchase is significant.  There is nothing more frustrating than pulling all of the levers to buy a piece of equipment only to find out it is not really available.  Delays, site modifications, price changes and other headaches are just a few of the costs associated with such a predicament. While there are certainly instances where buying a piece of equipment based on general spec and timeline makes sense, most often it is in your best interest to confirm that the company you’re buying from owns or has exclusive rights to sell the equipment you are pursuing.

  2. "Does your company have a dedicated Project Management Team?"

    With the complexity of imaging equipment, it is crucial to buy from a company that has a Team who does nothing but manage projects from start to finish.  From coordination of engineers in the deinstallation and installation process, crating and shipping, calibration, FDA 2579 documentation and working with your IT team to integrate with your PACS system, it is important to have a trained and dedicated professional who is a phone call away, ready to serve you after the “sale” is complete.  

  3. "Does your company offer a turn-key solution?" 

    Clear contract language and expectations stating that the equipment will meet or exceed OEM specifications for image quality, cosmetic appearance and overall performance is a great start to a happy ending! 

  4. "Does your company offer service options including a 'shared risk' program?" 

    Shared Risk is the next frontier in reducing the cost of equipment service.  Shared Risk plans have you purchase an insurance policy with a premium and a deductible that doesn’t exceed the current market value of a typical service contract.  The savings over the long haul (especially with multiple systems) are significant, and the worst case scenario has you only paying what a standard service agreement would have cost in the first place.  Share the savings when costs are lower yet have your upside capped.  It’s a no brainer. 

  5. "Does your company pay equipment market value for our trade-in?"

    Equipment Market ValutionsBuying refurbished equipment will always save significant dollars but working with a company who will remarket your equipment to all ends of the globe will ensure you also get the most value for your trade-in. Your “old” equipment can often become someone else’s new treasure!

  6. "Can your company offer us creative financing solutions?"

    Progressive leasing companies actually love refurbished imaging equipment.  The initial depreciation of a system that was purchased new is long gone so their residual risk is deeply mitigated.  Renting, leasing and creative financing options are more important than ever as you look to leverage your limited capital resources.

Now your turn! What additional questions would you ask? Please add your suggestions in a comment to help us make this an even better list! 

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Written by Josh Block

author of blog post

Josh Block is the President of Block Imaging. He is also a husband, father of two, and self-proclaimed waffle chef. As a part of the second generation of Blocks to lead Block Imaging, Josh carries on the family passion for putting people first, delivering memorable service, and improving lives all over the world by empowering medical care providers with high-quality equipment.

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