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Imaging Equipment Project Managers: What Can Your Provider Do for You?

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When you buy a medical imaging system the old maxim, "You get what you pay for," is true in a number of ways- especially when it comes to project management. Many times an imaging system can be purchased used from a broker or as-is from another site for less than it costs to purchase it from a refurbisher. However, once you've sealed the deal on your purchase, much of the process of getting the system to your facility and ready to scan patients could be left in your hands.

An equipment provider with full project management capabilities can facilitate so much more than a transaction. As an example, we'll share with you below what the cost difference pays for when you purchase a refurbished medical imaging system from Block Imaging.

Project Management for Medical Imaging Systems

Dedicated Personnel

More than anything else we'll cover, dedicated project management personnel make a difference in your equipment project. Many delays and a lot of hassle are preventable through strong communication. With someone equipping you with all the details from our end and acting as a hub to receive and report all the details from you, your site, and your contractors to the engineers handling your equipment, the potential for misunderstanding drops and the likelihood of a smooth project increases.

System Refurbishment

Our team includes imaging engineers, mechanical technicians, and professional painters who restore equipment to like-new condition. From filling dents and applying fresh paint, to individual component testing, replacement, and calibration, our refurbishment crew is committed to turning out cosmetically excellent equipment that meets or exceeds OEM standards for image quality.

Site Drawings

For larger systems, we create customized site drawings based on the dimensions for the space you are using and the system you purchased. Your general contractor, electrician, plumber, etc. can incorporate these drawings into their more detailed schematics to make sure that your imaging system fits correctly and is patient-ready as soon as it is installed.

Pre-Installation Site Planning Visit

For larger systems, we also plan a pre-installation site planning visit to make sure your space is fully prepared. The installing engineer(s) visits your facility to talk about room readiness and ensure preparations meet the system's needs.

Delivery of System

We take care of all system transportation needs. We ship via van line from our warehouse or, in the case of brand-new systems, the OEM directly to you for installation. This means the system is not only delivered, but also moved into the room of your choice.


Our field engineers position, secure, and calibrate your system and run test scans to confirm functionality. They also conduct a short in-service to demonstrate use and acquaint your team with the basics of the new equipment, its controls, and interface.

Applications Training

If you or your techs need to be trained in setting up scan protocols and/or patient positioning, we can connect you with an applications trainer. This is not to be confused with the in-service provided by the installing engineer. For more on that distinction, click here and learn what's included in each.

A Note on DR Panel Installation

If your purchase includes a digital upgrade to an analog system, our DR panel specialist travels to your site to install the panel and its workstation. After installation, the specialist calibrates the panel and performs a four-hour software training session. There is also remote support coverage to help you transition to the new technology.

The Takeaway

In the world of big-ticket equipment, it's easy to succumb to "sticker shock". Believe us- we know the feeling. It's more important than ever, though to keep overall value in perspective, not just dollar amounts. Are there good systems available in used, as-is condition? Definitely. But are the up-front savings worth it when the costs and management of restoring, transporting, installing, and maintaining those systems all fall to you? Maybe not.

If you have an upcoming imaging equipment project and would like engineering and logistical support from start to finish, we'd love to talk with you. Contact us with the button below to get a quote on your fully-managed project.

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