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Zach Hollabaugh
Mechanical Field Technician


Hi, I’m Zach! In my hybrid role as an Engineer and Mechanical Technician, I work on DEXA systems and rad rooms performing service calls, installs, deinstalls, and part testing. When I’m not in the DEXA engineering role, I also assist with deinstalls and installs on the mechanical side alongside our engineers. It’s my job to bring systems up and running to fulfill our customer’s needs while delivering the best customer service as I possibly can. I always make sure to leave the customer with a good experience.

A little about myself:

  • I have been married to my gorgeous wife for 6 years, I have a 19 year old stepdaughter that is like my own, and we have 4 four-legged children. We treat our four dogs like our children.
  • Outside of work I love being in the weight room, bodybuilding, and powerlifting. I’m constantly learning from the bodybuilding and powerlifting community – it’s such a wide range. I love playing basketball when I can because we all need some of that “C” word in our lives… Cardio (I don’t like saying it).
  • I LOVE FALL! T-shirt and jeans weather is perfect weather! I’ve been to Cancun and Jamaica and they are beautiful, but honestly Michigan has the MOST BEAUTIFUL season of fall.
  • Traverse City, MI is my favorite town to visit and hopefully live one day.
  • I am partial to UnderArmour, but I love supporting I AM MY BILLBOARD and GOOD BOY clothing companies. They are both Flint, MI based companies and I love supporting my friends’ companies and those in my backyard.
  • I’m very loyal to all major Detroit based sports team, and I’m also Maize n’ Blue through and through!
  • My perfect day involves going to breakfast with my wife, working out, lunch, doing a little shopping (we love a little bit of retail therapy), and/or go for a hike/walk, and finish with dinner and a movie.

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