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Z-Motion U-Arms: Compact Rad Room Solution

Posted by Gary Dodge

Feb 28, 2018 2:00:00 PM

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Z-Motion-U-Arm-Header.jpgIn every type of facility, from a retail shop, to an office, to an imaging center, there has always been a problem with building space: it's much easier to fill it than it is to acquire. Visitor reception, staff work areas, storage, equipment, a bit of countertop for the coffee urn- all of it takes up space, and that space costs money.

The economy of space is precisely the problem the engineers at Control-X had in mind when they developed the Z-Motion U-Arm X-Ray system. If you work at an imaging facility where it's crucial to be space-conscious, read on to find out just how compact and functional the Z-Motion is.

Want to see more spec for the Z-Motion U-Arm? Click here.

Z-Motion Ceiling Height

For a system based around a vertical column, the design of the U-arm is deceptively low-clearance. A space can have a ceiling as low as 7' 10" and still accommodate the Z-Motion's full range of movement.

Z-Motion Floor Size

A Z-Motion U-arm can operate in rooms as small as 9' x 9'. If you plan to perform studies that will require patients to lay down, you'll want a wider room of 9' x 12' to accommodate movement and storage of a rolling table (Z-Table available).

Does it still do everything?

When a piece of equipment is so compact, the question often rises as to whether or not features or functions were left out to conserve space. In the case of the Z-Motion, the answer is no. Even with its compact design, the Z-Motion is able to perform any scan you would do on a larger, floor or ceiling-mounted system with a fixed table.

The Takeaway

The Z-Motion U-Arm proves that operating in a smaller space doesn't have to come at the expense of X-ray functionality and quality. If you need reliable X-ray imaging, but your building doesn't have much room to spare, the Z-Motion could be the perfect fit for both your clinical needs and your economical space. If you'd like to know more, use the button below to ask us your questions and get a quote on a Control-X Z-Motion U-Arm.

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Written by Gary Dodge

author of blog post

Gary Dodge is a C-Arm Product Specialist at Block Imaging. He loves to consult with buyers and help them find the best solution for their needs. Out of the office, Gary loves trying new kinds of ethnic cuisine and visiting the Smokey Mountains with his family.

Topics: X-Ray

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