X-Ray Room Price Guide

Average price ranges for X-ray rooms. Delivery, install, and service are included.


$40k - $60k

AmRad AC400

Control-X F100

Del systems

Quantum floor-mounted systems


$50k - $75k

AmRad DFMT Elite

Control-X Z-Motion U-Arm

GE Proteus

Siemens Multix



$95k - $175k

Carestream Evolution

Control-X C400

GE 640/650 Series

Siemens Ysio


Which Tier Is Right for You?

Choosing the best X-ray room for your facility depends on your individual needs; What's your specialty? Budgetary guidelines? Patient volume level? This short clip covers current price tiers to help you through the process of selecting your next X-ray room.

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Average X-Ray Room Prices

Refurbished Systems from GE, & Siemens or New Systems from Del, AmRad, & more

Whether you're looking at new equipment from specialized companies like AmRad or Quantum or refurbished, high-volume systems from big names like GE or Siemens, the ranges will help you begin creating your X-ray budget. If you'd like a more detailed estimate, please contact us!



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