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Wireless Digital X-Ray Upgrade: Field Demonstration

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If you've been thinking about re-investing in your X-ray equipment, you may have already read about the ways upgrading with a DR panel can extend the life of your existing system and improve your efficiency. Both of these assertions are very true- we've written about both of them in earlier blog posts- but, to bring the message about DR panel upgrades full-circle, we took our camera to a customer's family practice facility to show you the ease and versatility in the field.

Watch the video below to see:

  • Out-of-the-box readiness
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Post-processing options
  • Versatility across applications
DR Panel Retrofit In-Field Demo

Different Needs?

For the facility in the video, a single, wireless DR panel was sufficient to bring them the improvements they'd been looking for. However, if the needs at your site are a little different, don't worry- there are a number of DR panel configurations intended to meet whatever individual needs your facility might have. Click here to see a blog with a list of options.

Other Questions?

Just in case you haven't been able to dig too deeply in your exploration of DR panels, we have a few other places you can go for more information. Check out any of these free resources:

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