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Why Refurbished Imaging Equipment?

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"Why buy refurbished imaging equipment?" Seems like a fair, simple question to answer, right?

Fair? Absolutely. Simple? Not so much.

Beyond the obvious benefit of a lower purchase price, there are actually many other reasons why there has never been a better time to look toward refurbished imaging equipment. We'll break down what we see as the top five below.


While there was a time when CT slices were multiplying by the month and MRI channels by the year, technological advancements have slowed naturally over the last 6 years. The global economy and imaging reimbursements have had a significant impact on the OEM’s ability to invest in imaging research and development. Because of this, refurbished equipment with late-model technology (in many cases identical to what’s being sold new) has never been more accessible.   


This is an easy one but no less important: Whether you're scanning with a new or refurbished system, the reimbursement is unchanged. 

Upfront Capital

Refurbished equipment is just flat-out less expensive on the front end, in many cases SIGNIFICANTLY. This shortens the time to your breakeven point and has a powerful effect on the justification to upgrade equipment that’s not performing well.  

Clinic Equipment Upgrades

As healthcare providers acquire hospitals and off-site clinics, the savings offered by refurbished equipment are often the only way to justify upgrading outdated equipment. Be it X-ray, DEXA, R/F, MRI, CT, or mammo, bringing these clinics up to snuff with refurbished equipment at a fraction of the cost of new can be a powerful solution.


Whether due to factory limitations or other reasons (i.e. OEC 6800 mini C-arms) there can be challenges to purchasing a piece of new equipment. A refurbished option can help you sidestep these and keep your project moving.

All of the items above (please share more below if you have them) have been at play in bringing the refurbished imaging market into full bloom, right now. If any of these factors appeal to your facility's immediate needs or if you'd simply like to know more, contact us. We're ready to serve.


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