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Why Buy a Used GE Excite HDXT

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When an imaging facility approaches the used MRI market they will find a range of options that, for some, can be overwhelming. To help ease some of the "option shock" we'd like to present a system that is a solid fit for general use scanning at hospital patient volume levels. It's a bread-and-butter MRI system that gets the job done for typical workloads, but still offers room to grow for those who want to specialize or streamline their workflow even further. This system is the GE EXCITE HDXT.

Reasons to Buy a GE Excite HDXT

In our experience working with a variety of MRI buyers and owners, we've seen reasons for considering the HDXT emerge within two main categories. Let's dig in!

Ownership Reasons

As one of the world's largest companies, GE has deep pockets. When it comes to research and development, they have resources to leverage in continuing to upgrade their MRI technology. Because of this, GE MRIs are very easy to own. Technologists are comfortable with them (and often were trained on them), many qualified service people are trained to provide service for them, and parts are widely available. 

Technical Reasons

When GE introduced the EXCITE HD MRI System, it used their proven CXK4 low cryogen consumption magnet, but added enhancements to the hardware and software that made this one of the first high definition systems to reach the marketplace. This not only greatly improved image quality, as you would expect from high definition, but it also gave physicians access to some very advanced applications that reduce motion effects, provide better tissue contrast, and speed up exam times.  

GE continued to make the HD platform even better with the GE EXCITE HDXT 1.5T. The HDXT has the same high definition platform, plus software options like IDEAL, which produces four images from just one acquisition. The HDXT also features a full complement of 8 or even 16-channel coils, including the 16-channel head/neck/spine coil, and 12-channel body coil, which greatly improves images and gives technologists more options and fewer coil change-outs.

The focus of the HDXT is on image clarity and speed. Upgrading an existing 4-channel system to HDXT will give you these added benefits plus a wide variety of software options that will really give your scans a boost.

The Takeaway

You can hardly imagine your TV without high definition. In many ways, this has become the case with MRI, thanks to systems like the EXCITE HDXT. Fortunately, availability and affordability are aligned on the secondary market, making now an excellent time to consider upgrading with an HDXT.

If you have questions about the HDXT or other MRI systems, feel free to contact us and ask away. We're happy to provide answers and help your team find the best MRI equipment fit for your needs.