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What Kind of Facility Should Rent a C-Arm?

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We've said it before, but it bears repeating: purchasing is not the only (or always the best) option to get the equipment you need into your facility. To help those of you who may be considering renting a C-arm, we want to share some of the places we've seen C-arm rentals work better than purchases, or as well-timed options leading up to future purchases.

Keep reading to see if your facility type might be a good fit for renting a C-arm system. 

Privately-Owned Practices

We have seen the most success for the rental model among individuals starting their own practice and/or using their own capital to outfit a practice. A prime example is our many rental clients in the pain management space. These facilities frequently rent equipment when they first open their doors and purchase later after their volume levels have ramped up and revenue has become more steady. 

Sites Under Construction

When capacity is diminished and workflow is hampered by new construction or remodeling in your facility, an extra C-arm on site can help compensate. A C-arm can fill the gaps in your schedule nicely while your cath lab or R/F room are behind the caution tape. 

Sites Recruiting New Doctors

Another space we've seen rentals fit in well is when a surgery center is recruiting a new doctor. Some doctors have strong preferences or brand loyalty for a certain make or model. Some doctors are open to different equipment, but haven't settled on a favorite yet. And other doctors may be at a center for a trial period before signing on for a longer term. When they rent for a time and save their purchase decision for later, sites mitigate risk by keeping the door open to swap out the system if they want a different model and by saving up-front capital if the doctor chooses not to stay.

The Takeaway

Rentals are a great way to "get your toes wet" and make sure you feel comfortable not only with your new system, but also with working with the company that you may be looking to in the future for support and service. You can reduce your financial risk, save capital, and, in many cases, even have some of what you spend renting applied to a future purchase!

If one of the scenarios above sounds like you, or if you find yourself in another set of circumstances that require flexibility and interim solutions, we think considering a C-arm rental will show you a safer, more affordable path to outfitting your facility. Our team is ready to help whenever you're ready to start the conversation. Contact us with the button below or give us a call at 517-668-8800.