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Which Systems Would You Put in Your Imaging Facility?

Posted by Zack Mitchell

Feb 15, 2018 3:11:31 PM

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OEM leading modality.jpgHaving spent thirteen years of my career with a major medical imaging OEM, in diverse roles, I've had the opportunity to build a thorough and integrated vantage point on the separate strengths of many equipment manufacturers serving the imaging field. When my background comes up in conversations, buyers often ask me my opinion on various OEMs/providers and the overall value proposition of their equipment; essentially, "Whose systems would you buy?" This happens often enough that I want to take the next few paragraphs to put those opinions and observations down more permanently. 

Keep in mind, when I choose to speak positively about a given OEM in a particular area, I do not mean to imply anything negative about another OEM. My goal is to share with you which manufacturers are shining in each of the major imaging modalities, right now.

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Siemens is a strong leader in MRI, and they have the worldwide market share to prove it. This is due to their history and commitment in the area of MR engineering. They are often the first to market with MR advancements (ex. matrix coils or 70cm open bore) with other MR manufacturers chasing them in subsequent years.

CT Scanner

I consider GE the front runner in CT scanners. Not only is their technology consistently in step with other manufacturers, the availability, convenience, and cost of service and replacement parts (both from GE and third parties) makes it easier to own and operate a GE CT.


Philips has made an impression on me over the years as a maker of top-notch interventional cath and angio systems. This is mostly due to the user experience and the strong preferences it creates. Nearly every radiologist, cardiologist, or tech I've spoken to that uses Philips cath/angio won't even consider leaving the brand when it comes time to upgrade.

X-Ray and R/F

Siemens X-ray and R/F systems are often priced at levels that can be difficult to palate, but the robust design and function of the systems goes a long way to offset this. An additional offset comes in the form of third-party time and materials or even self service. These systems have problems so infrequently that the parts and service risk is relatively low.


The leader-of-the-pack status I'd assign to Hologic mammography has everything to do with focus. Like Siemens in MR, Hologic has consistently put forward modality-leading products. Moreover, independent, third-party parts and service availability for Hologic has grown significantly in recent years.


Philips ultrasound gets my nod due to footprint, functionality, and image quality. All of these are areas I've heard users comment on over and over, specifically in reference to Philips equipment. Although image quality is, in some ways, subjective, there has been a general acknowledgement of clinical confidence in Philips.


I consider General Electric the leader in PET/CT and SPECT/CT for many of the same reasons they lead in CT technology: solid tech and ease of service.

The Takeaway

Right now, there are many manufacturers producing high-quality imaging systems, in all modalities. Those mentioned above are simply manufacturers in whom I've observed exemplary leadership in engineering, interfacing, service, and facilitating a positive ongoing experience for users. Not every person with experience in the field might concur but, if it the call were mine to make at a real-life facility, I'd start with these OEMs in their respective modalities first.

If you're currently in search of a solution in any of these modalities, our team is ready to help with systems from the OEMs mentioned above as well as many others. Feel free to give us a call or direct any questions you might have our way via email with the button below.

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Written by Zack Mitchell

author of blog post

Zack Mitchell is VP of Block Mobile Imaging. His hope is that, by serving imaging facilities as they begin or transition, he can be a part of creating momentum toward incredible healthcare. Out of the office, Zack enjoys time with his wife and sons, mowing the lawn, and supporting Chicago Cubs baseball.

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