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Which Coils and Accessories Come with a Mobile MRI Rental?

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When we talk with people looking to rent mobile MRI systems, one of the most common questions they have for us is, "Which coils and accessories will come with the system?" This is a great question, the answer to which offers a complete picture of what you'll receive on the day your mobile is delivered to your facility.

To help you know what to expect when you rent MRI, we've compiled a list of items commonly included with a mobile system. Some packages may vary depending on your provider or the manufacturer of the system, but the items on this list are almost always a given.

Standard Coils Included with Mobile MRI Rental

Not every rental provider guarantees the same coil set, but rental packages consistently include the following "standard" coils:

  • Head matrix
  • Neck matrix
  • Spine matrix
  • Body matrix
  • CP extremity coil
  • Shoulder coil
  • Small flex coil
  • Large flex coil
  • Wrist, knee, foot/ankle coil (these are just outside of standard but often included)

Beyond Standard

Often a rental provider can include additional coils if given advance notice. Block Mobile Imaging, for example has a considerable inventory of coils from all manufacturers. Coils for breast, prostate, cardiac, or orthopedic imaging can be added to the existing set that already travels with the scanner.

Other Items

  • Injectors are also a standard inclusion in mobile imaging environments. Your provider should ask you up front if you require a single-head or a dual-head.
  • They should also speak with you concerning network connectivity and a network switch to enable multiple devices to communicate with the internet. 
  • Desks and desk chairs will be on the mobile for technologist comfort. Sound systems are often included for patient comfort during longer and noisier procedures. 
  • For the safety of your staff and patients, fire extinguishers or a fire suppression system are on board each coach. 

Need More?

There is an almost endless list of other accessories that can be added based on the needs of your project. Communicate with your provider early and often to make sure the items you need are on hand when your mobile MRI system arrives at your site.

If you're looking to rent an MRI in the near future, feel free to contact Block Mobile Imaging and see how we can accommodate your specific rental needs.

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