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What's the Difference Between GE Innova IQ and IQ Plus Cath Labs?

What's the Difference Between GE Innova IQ and IQ Plus Cath Labs?

There's no debating it: from the II-based days of the Advantx to the digital transition first embodied in the Innova 2000, the GE line of cath labs has enjoyed an incredible run of success over the years. Much of this success is due to GE's understanding of the tension for users between being grounded in what's familiar and adapting to what's coming down the pike.

The mainstays of the line of labs have included the table and gantry – designs that, at their core, go back at least to the early 90’s and still remain today, with the remaining components adapting around them as technological advancements grow.

The advancement that we want to focus on today is the move from the Innova IQ, to the IQ Plus naming structure. There is often confusion about what exactly was involved in this transition. This blog will break down the differences between GE Innova IQ and Innova IQ Plus cath labs.

GE Innova IQ vs. GE Innova IQ Plus Cath Labs

Harmony Software: Update 1

Until mid-2009, the highest level of software available on Innova cath labs was called "Unity". Unity was the software update that brought about the Innova IQ designation. It was most commonly run on DL5 / RTAC5 or DL6 / RTAC6 computers.

In mid-2009, GE released their "Harmony" software upgrade, and the “IQ Plus” identifier was born. With the Harmony update came the following differences from IQ:

  • Computers were updated to DL8 / RTAC8
  • Additional software options, such as: Stentviz, simultaneous sub/no sub display, and cardiac & dynamic
  • Stenosis analysis and left ventricle analysis on the system, without the need for an AW workstation

Pathfinder Software: Update 2

The improvements didn't end with the Harmony update. In late 2010 GE introduced the Pathfinder software revision. This release added software options that further distinguished IQ Plus systems from IQ systems.

With the Pathfinder update came these additional differences from IQ:

  • Blended roadmap, ECG, augmented calibration, and Fast Link software options
  • Additional options for systems with matching AW workstations, such as: Innova Vision, Track Vision, Subtracted 3D, and EP Vision.

An Important Note on Innova IQ Plus Features

It should be noted that not every IQ Plus option is available, or enabled, on every IQ Plus system. Different combinations of options are spread across the line depending on the specialties, needs, and preferences of previous owners and the presence, or absence of an AW workstation.

To be sure of which specific options an individual unit has, consult the service menu from the system's homescreen.

The Takeaway

The Innova IQ and IQ Plus are very similar cath platforms, both of which provide high quality imaging for the full range of catheterization and angiography procedures. Users who choose to invest a little further to acquire IQ Plus equipment, however, will enjoy faster, more powerful computing and additional software options that can improve workflow and user experience.

If you're in the market for GE Innova, IQ, or IQ Plus labs, our team is ready to help you find your next solution. You can use the banner below to continue reading more free resources or contact us directly at 517-668-8800 to get your equipment conversation started.


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