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What You Need to Know About the Siemens Cios Spin

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Perhaps the most exciting C-arm announced at RSNA 2018 was the Siemens Cios Spin. Siemens has been at the forefront of 3D C-arm technology for a decade or so and, with this latest release, it seems they have plans to stay there. Even from a distance this unit is impressive, so let’s "open up the hood" and look a little closer.

Cios Spin Highlights


Previously, in Siemens' Arcadis family of C-arms, the 3D Arcadis Orbic had a smaller generator than its "big brother", the Arcadis Avantic. In the newer Cios family, the generator is consistent across systems. Siemens has taken the same 25kW generator used in the Cios Alpha, and thrown in a 250mA tube and the new Energy Storage Unit (ESU). Suffice it to say, a lack of power isn’t going to be an issue for users of the Spin.


Siemens' iso-centric design was brought back for full hardware and software integration. This unit offers the widest source to image distance (SID) of any C-arm, at 36.6”, and is highly accommodating for large patients.


The Cios Spin boasts new Retina Scan 3D technology which both improves image quality and reduces radiation. The system can also complete a 3D scan in 30 seconds or less.

Implications for C-Arm Buyers


The Cios Spin is certainly not your everyday C-arm. In specialized placements, like spinal studies or orthopedic research, it may be the top in its field. In more general-use settings, however, many of its high-tech capabilities would likely be wasted. 


As you may have guessed, all that tech comes with a hefty price tag. When the final quote comes across your desk, you may be second-guessing yourself: "Am I buying a cath lab or a C-arm?"


While the model is still so new, service coverage will be best handled by Siemens. The tube, generator, and especially the detector are extremely high-cost items that will only be available from Siemens for at least several more years.

The Takeaway

Only careful consideration of your workload- both type and volume of studies- will help predict the effect a Cios Spin will have on your bottom line. While the system will allow your site to have the highest level of tech available, bear in mind that the reimbursement is the same as you'll receive from using any other C-arm. With a price tag pushing half a million dollars, its worth a pause to ask if you should purchase five bread-and-butter units instead of one premium unit.

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