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What Type of System Should I Rent When Upgrading to a New OEM?

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So, you're upgrading your existing CT or MRI machine and the incoming system is from a different manufacturer than the one you've been using for years. You're planning to rent an interim system so you can avoid downtime during remodeling and installation. What you're not sure of is whether you should rent equipment from your incumbent manufacturer or from your incoming manufacturer.

When upgrading or changing manufacturers in your imaging modality we typically see, and recommend, that renters choose interim systems from their incumbent manufacturer. We'll share two reasons for this below.


Your technologist staff has been using your existing system for quite some time and they have familiarity and comfort with its platform and controls. Even if you can't rent the exact system you're planning to replace, there are similarities from generation-to-generation in the same product line. Avoiding confusion and a potentially steep learning curve for the folks that run the equipment and make your images will be helpful during an equipment transition that might already feel like a bit of an upheaval.

Let Your Apps Trainer Do The Apps Training

Most any upgrade, especially one with a shift in manufacturer, comes with a substantial amount of applications training. So, if you're going to have an expert on site when the new system is installed, why make your techs fight through a learning curve prematurely with no support? Every medical imaging system is nuanced and dynamic, so dialing in all the specific protocols and settings takes time and knowledge that your techs won't necessarily have until they train with a pro.

The Takeaway

While it might seem like renting a system from the same manufacturer as your inbound equipment would give your team a chance to acquainted with it early, there's a strong chance doing so will actually cost more time and frustration than it could save. If you have other questions about renting mobile equipment, upgrading fixed equipment, or parts and service for either, it would be our team’s pleasure to assist. Use the banner below to tell us about your needs.

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