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What to Expect During Your X-Ray Machine Project

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Successful X-ray projects don't simply happen. From first-time installations, to upgrades, to relocations, there are a lot of bases to cover and considerations to bear in mind. This is why we've compiled the links below: 14 articles to give you some insight on the major stages of an X-ray project. Click through on any of the links below to learn more about what you're in store for as you begin.

Your X-Ray Project in 14 Links

Selecting Your System

There are a lot of manufacturers that produce X-ray equipment and, depending on your facility's individual circumstances and needs, any of them could be a good fit for you. Do you want an all-digital X-ray machine? Could you use an older model with a CR reader? Should you look at refurbished systems, or new?

The articles below will help you wade into the sea of options and, hopefully, emerge with some clarity on which systems you're most interested in.

Benefits of Digital Radiography

Used Rad Rooms vs. New Rad Rooms: A Question of Value

Turning Used X-Ray Equipment Into Refurbished X-Ray Equipment

Digital X-Ray: CR vs. DR

Digital X-ray Rooms: What to Ask Before You Buy

Budgeting for Your System

Once you've done your homework on which system will be a good fit for your needs, you'll need to build a budget for financing the equipment. These articles will help with that.

GE Digital Radiography System Price Cost Guide

3 Price Points for Digital X-Ray Equipment Options

Imaging Equipment Prices


Installing Your System

Picking a great system is one thing: getting all of its pieces and parts into your building and ready to serve patients is quite another. The articles below offer tips and tricks to help you get your room, your staff, and your schedule ready for the big day.

X-Ray Machine Installation Prep: Getting Started

Imaging Equipment Installation Dos and Dont's

Do I Need Lead Lining for My R/F Room, Rad Room, X-ray or C-Arm?


Maintaining Your System

Once your system is up and running, you'll want to make sure you have the appropriate measures in place to keep it that way. Here are a few things to help you make service choices that fit your needs as perfectly as your system does.

How to Choose the Best Imaging Equipment Service Provider

Digital Radiography Plate Drop Coverage: What You Need to Know

Reloaded X-ray Tubes vs. Reprocessed X-ray Tubes


These links cover the big ideas of a typical X-ray machine project, but there are almost always particulars unique to each job. If you need help navigating any of that, contact us! Our X-ray product specialists, engineers, and project managers are here to assist. And if you'd like to see even more resources, you can learn more about analog X-ray, CR readers, and digital X-ray in the eguide below.

Learn how to convert to digital X-ray