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What to Expect During an R/F Room Removal

Posted by Tim Richard

Jul 23, 2014 11:10:33 AM

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R-F_RemovalEventually, it will happen at every hospital: The R/F room will come to the end of its long, reliable life and need to be replaced. But, before you'll be able to get the new system in, Ol' Faithful is going to have to come out.

Removing an R/F room is a big job with a lot of steps and moving parts but, with the help of an experienced imaging equipment team, it can be done safely, efficiently, and relatively quickly. Whether this process is years away or in your near future, it will help to know what you're in store for. 

Below you'll read the process of a general R/F room removal. You'll also read a few tips for things that you will need to do. Some jobs present their own unique challenges but, generally, these projects go as follows:

Knowing Your Site

The first step in the process is an inspection. This usually takes place a week or two (maybe longer in unique situations) in advance of the actual removal. An X-ray service engineer will take a look at the overall condition of the system as well as find the best pathway for the old system to travel out and the new one to travel in. Expect lots of photos and measurements to be taken during this time.  

What you need to do: As soon as the removal is scheduled, let your vendor know about any special requirements or limitations on working hours, facility concerns, etc. 


Removing the System

The actual removal steps will take place over the course of 2-2.5 days. In our experience, a removal job looks like this:

Day 1- The removal crew arrives at 8 am, lays down protective sheeting to preserve your flooring, moves in tools and dollies, and begins the removal. First-day activity focuses on disconnecting all components from each other and the facility infrastructure.

What you need to do: Have your facility's electrician on site around 9-10am to disconnect the system from the central power supply.


Day 2- Packing and freight preparations are completed for each component. These are raised onto dollies and the system is wheeled out of the facility along the path designated during the initial inspection. Toward the end of the second day, the truck that will haul the system will arrive. The removal team will load the equipment and see the driver off. The removal process concludes with clean-up of all tools and dollies, as well as a general room cleaning.

What you need to do: Inform your vendor in advance of whether or not your facility has a truck-height loading dock and accessibility for a full-size semi truck and trailer. This information can make the loading process much easier and avoid potential delays in your project.

The Next Step 

With your old system out of the way, you're ready to get your updated R/F room installed!

What you need to do: In the months leading up to your removal, do some careful legwork to find the best R/F room for your site's needs, preferences, and budget. as well as a reliable, experienced vendor to help you through the whole project. If you're looking for a great R/F room and the logistical support to get it into your facility and ready to serve your patients, we can help with that. See our R/F Room Buyer's Guide to learn more.


R/F Room Buyer's Guide

Written by Tim Richard

author of blog post

Topics: X-Ray, Imaging Equipment Project Management

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