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What Size Room Do I Need for a Philips Cath Lab?

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Knowing the typical room dimensions for a Philips cath/angio lab is the first step toward deciding exactly which location you place the system in your new facility. Providing enough space for the equipment to exercise its full range of motion and for doctors and technicians to work is critical for patient care. Below we’ve listed recommended room dimensions for the most popular Philips Allura systems to help as you plan your next cath/angio lab installation.

Recommended Room Sizes for Philips Allura Cath/Angio

The room size recommendations below are guidelines from Philips for a comfortable work space. They're not firm rules, but they can help you begin to plan for your incoming lab.

 Philips Allura System
FD10 & FD20 Floor
FD10 & FD20 Ceiling
FD20 FlexMove w/ Maquet Table
Biplane FD10/10
Biplane FD20/10, 20/20
Procedure/Ctrl Room
24'-10" x 24'=3"
25'-10" x 24'-3"
37' x 23'-4"
25'-4" x 24'-7"
32'-3" x 16'-3"
Equipment Closet
11’-6” x 6’
11’-6” x 6’
12’-10” x 3’-6”
25’-1” x 6’
17'-3" x 6'
Req'd Unistrut Height
9'-6 3/16"
9'-6 3/16", +3/8"
10’-2 3/8”, +0” / -3/8”
9'-6 3/8", +3/16"
9'-9 5/16", +3/16"/-0









The equipment closet is listed in a separate column because, while it should be located adjacent to the procedure room, exactly which wall you decide to place it on will vary for each facility design. 

The exact Unistrut height is a requirement for Philips ceiling-mounted systems, and most Philips systems on the pre-owned market are ceiling mounted. Required Unistrut height for single-plane Allura systems is measured from the top of the finished floor to the bottom of the Unistrut. For biplane systems, Unistrut height is measured from the top of the gantry floor plate to the bottom of the Unistrut.  Make sure your contractor understands this when the room is built out.

What is Unistrut and Why Do I Need It?

The Takeaway

While the dimensions above are based on standard room layouts from the manufacturer, they aren't the only layouts that can work. We might still be able to get the unit you’re leaning toward to fit in the space you have!  Let us evaluate your room and help you explore possible alternatives, including systems from other manufactures that might be a better fit. You can check out our list of room dimensions for GE cath/angio labs.

We hope the information above has been helpful and will move you to the next step in your planning. If you are ready for your next project, our team is standing by and ready to help.

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