What Should I Look to Include When Purchasing an MRI?

When you make an MRI purchase, it’s not often that the MRI scanner itself is the only thing you’re paying for. Because of that, we looked back at our experiences partnering with imaging facilities around the world to help you ensure you’re getting everything you’ll really need.  

We’ve found several key pieces (on top of the MRI itself) to talk to your provider about including on the front end of an MRI purchase. We hope the list is helpful in finding a truly “turnkey” solution.


Ask your techs which coils are necessary for your facility’s specific imaging needs: head, CTL, flex (small and large), wrist, knee, shoulder, breast, prostate, and surface, to name a few. Getting the right coil set with your purchase is important, as “à la carte” coils can be very expensive. Expect this inclusion to save you around $20,000.


A proper chiller unit is a must for magnet cooling purposes and will be plumbed from your MRI to the outside of the building. Having a chiller included in your purchase can save $10,000 or more. 

Applications Training

Depending on your team’s level of experience, 2-4 days for training, establishing protocols, and having a second set of eyes during your first patient scans tends to increase image quality and throughput. The savings of baking apps training into your purchase are around $7,500.


Having a ceiling or pedestal injector included is another way to save $10,000 - $25,000. 


Table and positioning pads aren’t particularly costly, but they can be a hassle to purchase separately after the equipment is installed. And, why not save another $2,500?

Site Planning Support

Site-specific CAD drawings go a long way toward getting construction done right and without costly change orders. You could save anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000!

Peace of Mind

Finally, we can’t put a price on knowing your project will be done correctly, without having to spend extra time and money to gather everything else you need, but we can say with certainty that it carries a tremendous premium of its own.

The Takeaway

Purchasing an MRI can be a time-consuming process with lots of pieces and parts. Having items and services like those mentioned above included saves time and unnecessary cost. That’s why our team is committed to serving your team with more than just a piece of equipment when what you really need is a turnkey solution. 

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