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What Happens During Mobile Imaging Trailer Refurbishment?

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The first time people contact us to rent mobile imaging equipment, questions often come up about the condition and the quality of the trailers. This stands to reason, as imaging trailers can sometimes see long trips between facilities and the same wear and tear that other vehicles encounter on the road. Worse- a facility may have even had a bad experience with a previous provider.

To answer these questions, and put renter's minds at ease, we've compiled the refurbishment steps used to ensure the quality, road-worthiness, and overall condition of imaging trailers available for rental from Block Imaging. Take a look at the steps below to see what you can expect.

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Who does the refurbishment work?

Trailer refurbishment is handled by a fully-staffed engineering team, using ISO and AAR-certified processes. The team includes welders, mechanics, automotive painters, HVAC professionals, and imaging engineers. This team is supported by quality control and continuous improvement teams, monitoring both product and process.

What are the refurbishment steps?


Each refurbishment project begins with a 14-page inspection form, with points covering every element of the trailer from one end to the other, inside and outside. The trailer's condition is documented and areas needing repair, replacement, or upgrades are photographed. After the needs of the trailer are determined, the engineering team begins work.


If repairs or modifications to the frame of the trailer are needed, these are performed by certified, professional welders in a NETA/MVP-registered shop.

Painting and Finishes

Areas showing signs of minor corrosion are treated with inhibitors. Serious corrosion concerns are addressed by cutting out the affected area and replacing the material. The underbody of the trailer is sandblasted, treated, and re-painted.

The roof of the trailer is finished with an elastomeric coating that reflects sunlight and reduces the heat load in the ceiling.

In trailers that have not had a bed liner coating applied in the lower compartments, the compartments are scoured and de-greased and sprayed with a bed liner coating. If the compartments already have the coating we clean them thoroughly, as you cannot reapply over an existing coat.

Mobile Refurb New Paint

Doors and Floors

Trailers receive custom RF doors, powder-coated compartment doors, entry doors, and service doors. Aluminum-clad, wooden-core doors are replaced with aluminum-core, powder-coated doors to increase durability. 

Worn or damaged flooring can be replaced with a number of flooring options from single-sheet vinyl, to flexible vinyl planks in patterns and colors from Carrera Marble to simulated wood grain.

Mobile Refurb Doors Mobile Refurb Floors


The latest LED lighting technology is installed throughout the trailer, inside and outside.


Existing temperature control systems are inspected and serviced, repaired, or replaced as needed by certified HVAC professionals.

Mobile Refurb Counters

Counters and Cabinets

Old laminate counter tops are replaced with solid-surface materials. These are custom cut to match the configuration of the trailer. In the case of PET/CT trailers, extra counter space is provided for a hot lab setup.

Cabinets receive a similar treatment to their corresponding counter tops, being matched to the configuration of the incoming imaging system, and maximizing storage space in the trailer.


Mobile Refurb New Tires Wheels


Mechanics evaluate the trailer's suspension, shocks, seals, air lines, wheels, tires, brakes, actuators, glad hands, bearings, and more. Repairs and replacements are completed as necessary to make the trailer safe, reliable, and DOT-certified for travel.

The Takeaway

At the end of the process above, the trailers that Block Imaging rents are in like-new condition, or, considering the higher durability of many replacement parts, better-than-new condition. 

If your facility has an interim imaging need, be it CT, MRI, or PET/CT, our team is ready to help with high-quality mobile imaging trailers, refurbished to exacting standards. To learn more about renting, or request a unit today, use the button below!

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