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What Equipment Do I Need for CT Fluoroscopy?

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CT fluoroscopy can be an excellent tool for reducing radiation dose and saving time on fluoroscopy procedures (ex. epidural steroid injections) that do not require a CT planning scan.1 It also provides substantial dose reduction over conventional CT guidance for procedures like lesion biopsy and drainage.2 And all this with the crisp image quality you've enjoyed from still images taken with your CT scanner.

When these advantages enter a facility's equipment discussions, the first question that comes our way is usually, "What equipment do I need to do CT fluroscopy scans?" If you're interested in CT fluoro, we've compiled some details below that should help you know what to expect.

Know the Nomenclature

The first thing you should know about choosing a CT scanner with fluoro is what the manufacturers call their fluoro features. Like so many other CT tools, each major OEM has a proprietary name for fluoro. They all function pretty much the same way, but are called different things.

  • GE- SmartView
  • Philips- BiopsyView
  • Siemens- CARE Vision
  • Toshiba- Aspire CI

Hardware Sets

The next thing to know is that CT fluoro is enabled through a combination of a software suite and a set of hardware. One is of no use without the other, so pay special attention to what a prospective vendor is offering. Just because the list of software options says "SmartView" or "Aspire CI" doesn't mean they're including all of the pieces that work together with that software.

There is some variety in the exact pieces you'll find in the hardware sets but, in general, they all contain the following:

  • Fluoroscopy software suite
  • Exposure control switch (foot pedal or console/table-mounted joystick)
  • Table movement controls (foot pedal or console/table-mounted joystick)
  • Output review monitor(s)
  • Monitor suspension (wall mounting hardware or ceiling-mounted boom)


CT scanners with fluoro software and hardware are not as readily available as CTs without, but can still be found on the secondary market. It may take a little longer for a vendor to find you one but, considering the advantages of the applications CT fluoro offers, the wait can be well worth it.

For your reference, the following common model lines from the major CT scanner OEMs can support CT fluoro software and hardware:

  • GE LightSpeed
  • GE VCT
  • Philips Brilliance
  • Siemens Emotion
  • Toshiba Asteion
  • Toshiba Aquilion

If you're ready to start looking for your fluoroscopy-enabled CT, contact us to speak with one of our CT experts. 

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