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What Does the Process of Renting an X-Ray Machine Look Like?

What Does the Process of Renting an X-Ray Machine Look Like?

Once you've decided that renting an X-ray system is a good fit for your facility, your next questions are probably about the process of getting that system into your facility, set up, and ready to scan patients.

To help you get answers to those questions, we've put together a quick overview of what to expect from the X-ray rental process. Please note, the process below is the one we use at Block Imaging. Things might not look exactly the same from other providers, but most of what you read here should be applicable to the experience you'll have with any reputable company offering imaging rentals.

The Process of Renting an X-Ray Machine

Patient-Ready Refurbishment and Transportation

The steps in the process of an X-ray rental are almost identical to those of an X-ray purchase, with the addition of putting down a security deposit on the front end, and scheduling a pickup on the back end.

From the time your agreement is signed and your deposit is received, the typical time frame for delivery is 6-8 weeks. This includes the average 4 weeks it takes for your system to go through our ISO-certified refurbishment process, as well as its time on the road.

After refurbishment, standard delivery via van line takes about 10-14 days. Expedited transport of 3-5 days or a premium 1-2 days can be purchased for an additional cost.

There is a possibility these time lines can be shorter if we happen to have a freshly-refurbished system ready to go or if you don't necessarily need a full refurbishment.

Installation and Setup

When your X-ray system arrives, a designated engineer will be on site to connect the system to your network and to complete technical training and a system demonstration. Please note, this is technical training (related to the system), not applications training (related to how to position patients and determine the appropriate exposure level). If you need applications training, we can set you up with a trainer at an additional cost.

Service Coverage

Service is fully covered for every rental that comes from Block Imaging, X-ray, C-arm, or otherwise. This coverage includes all parts and labor. It also includes 24/7 support from our in-house Service Team. From the day it arrives, to the day it is returned to Block, you can trust that we have your back. 

Removal and Pickup

Toward the end of your rental term, your project manager will contact you about scheduling pickup. On the scheduled date, at the scheduled time, a Block representative will arrive to make sure all associated items (DR panels, manuals, hand controls, etc.) are gathered and to wheel the system onto the truck for return shipment.

Extensions and Purchasing

We are always happy to extend a rental term to whatever is most convenient for you. We understand that, often, construction takes longer than planned or patient volume remains high for more weeks than anticipated. As long as two week's notice is given in advance of the end of your term, we're happy to extend 3-6 months or simply work with you on a month-to-month basis.

If, near the end of your term, your facility is leaning toward keeping the system, we have a few buyout options that can be flexible depending on the situation.

Our most streamlined options include purchasing the system within the first 3 months or in month 4-6. If a system is purchased within the first three months, 100% of all capital (monthly payments, security deposit, transportation costs) will go directly towards the purchase price. If a purchase is pursued within months 4-6 of the rental, 50% of all the rental capital will go towards the purchase price.

The Takeaway

When you rent an X-ray system (or any type of system, for that matter), make sure your provider is with you every step of the way. Don't settle for service that stops when the system delivers. The best values in X-ray rental include clear expectations, communication, and technical support, all of which the Block Imaging team are proud to provide.

If you have an upcoming rental need, we'd love to serve you. You can use the button below to tell us about your project and your needs, or you can reach us directly at 517-668-8800.

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