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What Does 'End of Life' Mean for MRI Scanners? | Block Imaging

What Does 'End of Life' Mean for MRI Scanners? | Block Imaging

If you own an MRI scanner, your OEM has likely used the phrase "end of life" when discussing your equipment. The term "end of life" can be confusing, especially if your system is performing to your facility's liking.

So, what exactly does an EOL designation mean for your MRI scanner? And what should you do moving forward? Below we will walk you through what EOL means, and why you don't need to run a buy a new system just yet.

What happens when the OEM declares your MRI Scanner "end of life"?

"End of Life" indicates your imaging system has reached the limits of its primary market value, and as a result, support for parts or services is limited for the OEM.

MRI scanners are typically deemed “end of life” (EOL) after specific models have been out of production for 10 or more years.

Tagging an MRI as EOL is sometimes a tactic OEMs use to motivate their customers to upgrade and buy their newer models.

The concern they cite is being caught in a bind due to "discontinued field service" or “decreased parts availability”. While it is true that both of these things can become a problem as equipment continues to age, the OEM's estimation of the onset of these problems is usually rather conservative.

How Long Will My MRI Scanner Last?

If you've received an EOL designation for your MRI scanner, don't worry. Contrary to the concerns this strategy may raise, an MRI scanner that receives regular maintenance can last well beyond 10 years.

In fact, MRI scanners in this age range are the bread and butter of the secondary equipment market and independent service organizations (ISO).

While a 5 to 10-year-old system may be of little interest to an OEM because of their focus on selling and supporting new equipment, you're not out of luck on parts and service options.

Third-party suppliers, like Block Imaging, maintain an extensive inventory of parts and experienced engineers that can expertly and affordably support your MRI scanner for another 5 to 10 years.

MRI Scanners Deemed EOL

There are many models manufacturers would like to see go into retirement that still has years of scanning ahead of them. Most of these models can continue to scan without compromising the quality of service or the availability of replacement parts. 

In the way of examples, older (but still popular) models that we regularly support include:

  • GE Signa 9x
  • GE Signa Excite II
  • Siemens Symphony
  • Hitachi Airis II
  • Hitachi Airis Elite
  • Philips Intera
  • Philips Achieva

This list is certainly not all-inclusive, so if you would like to know if we can support your “end of life” system with engineering labor and replacement parts, contact us.

How Can Block Imaging Help?

Our team works with EOL and EOS systems every day and we're ready with an experienced service team and thousands of parts in stock, ready to be shipped to your site. If you have more questions about EOL or EOS visit our service page for FAQ's and more resources.

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