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Vikki Dipple
Customer Service
Representative - Parts



Working at Block Imaging has been an incredible journey so far, and I only started in June 2014! Block Imaging's parts department is a crucial division of Block, and one that I am glad to be a part of. My background comes from a few different lines of work but, overall, I have always had something to do with inventory control. Believe me when I say, every part we ship has gone through an in-depth quality control process to ensure top-quality parts for our customers. Shipping and receiving are only a small part of my job. Making sure that I do the best I can for every customer is not just a catch phrase here- it's what our parts team is all about!

A bit about my life


I have a wonderful life! I am married to my best friend, Adam who also works at Block Imaging. He is my sincere soul mate and the one person who makes all my life a dream. I am mother to Gideon Vincent, our little toddler; he is very energetic, friendly, and has his mama’s attitude.

Here are a few facts about me:

  • I like to read books (Lean In, Atlas Shrugged, Tempest At Dawn, Bourne Series, Holy Bible)

  • Play with Gideon outside – he loves the pool, sidewalk chalk, throwing rocks at the bushes...

  • Watch our favorite movies and shows – Top Gear, The Blacklist, Once Upon a Time, The Last Ship, Community, etc

  • Shoot guns – I am an international rifle competitor and also teach CPL classes for the state of Michigan

  • Be adventurous – I’ve got a couple Tough Mudder races under my belt and I love to work out, bike, or watch motocross outdoors

  • Visit with our families – I come from a 9-person family and we get together every Sunday for lunch

  • Eat ANY variety of ice cream that doesn’t include nuts or butterscotch

  • Grill – Adam and I also like to grill out a lot, so bring over steak, chicken, salmon, corn on the cob, sweet potatoes- it doesn’t matter, we’ll grill it all!




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