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Urgent Care X-Ray Package Price Guide

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When it comes to diagnostic imaging, an X-ray machine is the bread and butter of any urgent care facility. This makes reliability and smooth workflow crucial characteristics of a potential equipment purchase. On the other hand, the functional needs and patient volumes of urgent care don't often justify the cost of "latest and greatest", hospital-grade systems. Fortunately, there is a middle ground.

In the short clip below, you'll see spec and pricing for two X-ray equipment packages, hand-picked to offer the best overall value for doctors and patients in an urgent care setting.

Urgent Care X-Ray Package Prices

Urgent Care X-Ray Package Price Guide

The Takeaway

If you own or operate an urgent care facility, a package like either of those discussed in the video might be the perfect solution for your day-to-day scanning needs. If your patient volume is higher, or if you hope to offer a wider range of services by adding another imaging modality, our team can customize other packages for you too. Give us a call, or click on the banner below to get the conversation started.

Which X-Ray Is Best for You?