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Upgrade Options for GE AMX IV Portable X-Ray

Posted by Tim Mustapha

Oct 27, 2017 2:46:00 PM

:: 2 minute read ::

AMX IV Plus Digital Upgrade Packages.jpgThe basic design and functionality of a portable X-ray machine hasn't changed dramatically over the last 20 years. This is precisely why it's so common to find GE AMX machines from 2005, 2000, and even 1995 still being used in hospitals every day.

Even so, digital X-ray is becoming more and more prevalent in fixed systems, leaving radiology directors in search of economical ways to digitize their portable X-ray images without having to line up at the CR reader after each study. What you'll see below are three upgrade options from Block Imaging that make this happen. 

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AMX IV Plus Digital Upgrade Packages

The first two options we'll look at are perfect if your AMX IV has already received the IV Plus upgrade. In both cases an X-ray field engineer will come to your site with an upgrade kit in hand. The XDR kits install in about one day and are ready for use immediately after. The basic digital upgrade kit installs in just a few hours. 

Option 1: XDR Digital Field Upgrade

An XDR upgrade package not only provides digital imaging capability, it also adds a convenient monitor and protective storage for your digital panel. Full features include:

• 14”x17” wireless Vieworks CSI digital detector panel

• Same size as film and CR cassettes

• Weight under 3.1 k 


• Column-mounted touchscreen workstation

• 6x USB 2.0

• 19" screen

• Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity

• Unique electronics hardware with 14-bit signal digitization providing an extremely wide dynamic range

• Optimized algorithms for each different body part

• 2-second processing on preview images 

• Protective, body-mounted DR panel storage bin

• Related services including: installation, software training, programming, 5-year manufacturer's warranty, and remote support

PRICE: $47,500

Option 2: Basic Digital Field Upgrade

This field upgrade kit simply enables digital imaging on your analog portable X-ray system. In terms of hardware and software, it features the same digital panel as the XDR kit, the same interface, the same algorithms, and the same processing. Also like the XDR kit, it includes install, software training, programming, the 5-year manufacturer's warranty, and remote support. The price point on this kit comes in lower, as it foregoes the mounted touchscreen in favor of a tablet or laptop and leaves the existing casette bin for panel storage.

PRICE: $41,950

Option 3: Fully Refurbished and Upgraded AMX IV Plus

This is a great choice for facilities that are still scanning with original AMX IV machines or have some more latitude in their capital equipment budgets. Overall, with all that the price includes, this is the best value for going digital with your AMX.

With this option, you agree to trade-in your existing AMX IV for one that has been fully refurbished and has had both the AMX IV Plus and XDR digital upgrades installed. The features of the digital upgrade are the same as those mentioned in option 1. The features of the IV Plus upgrade and the advantages of refurbishment Upgraded_AMX_Digitalare as follows:

• New batteries

• New HV cables

• Mechanical parts replaced or rebuilt as needed

• New, spring-loaded casters

• New-style drive wheels and motors

• Upgraded CPU

• Vertical column positioning up to 270° rotation 

• Complete cosmetic refinishing

• A 1-year parts and labor warranty

PRICE: $70,000

The Takeaway

Regardless of what your facility's budget might look like right now, if you own an AMX, you know that it's a reliable, workhorse system. With these options available, there's no reason you have to abandon it to move into the digital world.

If you're ready to learn more, we're ready to help. Contact us directly to speak with one of our X-ray equipment experts, or read on in our Digital X-ray Conversion Guide.

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Written by Tim Mustapha

author of blog post

Topics: Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment, X-Ray

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