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Enjoy these tips, tricks and insights that answer 100's of questions we've received from radiology and imaging professionals that need help buying, selling, servicing and maintaining their medical imaging equipment: MRI, CT, C-Arm, Digital X-ray, PET/CT and Women's Health. We extend the life of imaging equipment so that health care providers worldwide can extend the lives of patients. This is why we answer your imaging equipment questions.

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Ultrasound Machine Price Guide [2018]

Posted by Samba Saidy

Apr 19, 2018 3:21:38 PM

Ultrasound Machine Price Guide 2018"How much does an ultrasound machine cost?" It's a question that our team answers just about every day, for many buyers in many countries. Given the range of specialties that use the modality, this is not at all surprising.

Because we get so many price requests, we made the video clip below to lend buyers some clarity on the subject. Watch the video clip for a break down of current average cost and price information for popular ultrasound machine models from leading manufacturers like GE, Philips, and Voluson. If you're more of a reader, you can scroll down a touch further and view the list as text.

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Ultrasound Machine Price Cost Guide [2018]

Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail

Ultrasound Machines That Cost $15,000 - $34,000

  • GE Logiq-e BT11
  • GE Logiq-e BT12
  • GE Logiq-e R6
  • GE Logiq-e R7
  • GE Logiq-e NextGen R7
  • GE Logiq F8
  • GE Logiq P5 Premium BT11
  • GE Logiq P9
  • GE Vivid S5
  • GE Vivid S6
  • GE Vivid S7
  • Voluson S6 BT12 - BT15
  • Voluson S8 BT14 HDLive
  • Philips ClearVue 550
  • Philips ClearVue 650
  • Philips ClearVue 850
  • Siemens Acuson Freestyle
  • Siemens Acuson X150
  • Mindray M7
  • Sonosite M-Turbo
  • Chison QBIT 50
  • Chison QBIT 60
  • Chison Sonobook 9

Ultrasound Machines That Cost $34,000 – $45,000

  • GE Logiq S7 R2
  • GE Logiq E9 BT11
  • GE Logiq S8 R2
  • GE Vivid 9
  • Voluson E6 BT13
  • Voluson E8 BT13
  • Philips iU22
  • Philips iE33

Ultrasound Machines That Cost $39,000 – $52,000

  • GE Logiq E9 R4
  • GE Vivid E9
  • Voluson E8 BT14
  • Philips Affiniti 50 Series

Ultrasound Machines That Cost $53,000 - $89,000+

  • GE Logiq E9 XDClear R5
  • GE Logiq E9 XDClear R6
  • GE Vivid E9 BT13 XDClear
  • GE Vivid E95
  • Voluson E8 BT16
  • Voluson E10 BT15
  • Voluson E10 BT16
  • Philips Affiniti 70 Series

The Takeaway

The used and refurbished ultrasound market offers systems that fit any specialty and any budget. If you're ready to begin the conversation about how much your next ultrasound system will cost, we're ready to serve. Use the button below to tell us what you're looking for!

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Written by Samba Saidy

saidy-samba-thumbSamba Saidy is Ultrasound Product Manager and Africa Account Representative for Block Imaging. His goal in these capacities is to help imaging buyers make well-informed decisions about meeting their equipment needs. Outside the office, Samba ejoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, travelling, and supporting the Manchester United FC.


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