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Turning Used Stereotactic Tables into Refurbished Stereotactic Tables

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Depending on who you're talking to,there are quite a few definitions for the term "refurbished" out there, and not all of them indicate the level of work that you might expect. To demystify just what Block Imaging means when we say "refurbished stereotactic biopsy table," we'll walk you through the steps taken on the tables we sell.




Each stereotactic table is thoroughly inspected for individual parts performance. Damaged or low-performing parts in the table or generator, LCD screens on the surgical auto guide, and cables throughout the system are repaired or replaced as needed. The camera is cleaned and tested, then repaired or replaced as needed. The computer workstation hard drive is also cleared of data to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations.


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After a thorough decontamination and cleaning, all cosmetic damage is repaired with factory-quality paint, chipped/worn logos and decals are replaced, and a new table pad is installed. These steps make a used table look like it just came out of the factory. 



Once a system is looking great and running smoothly from a mechanical standpoint, an engineer will calibrate it according to original manufacturer specifications for performance. Testing is conducted post-calibration for image quality, compression, and needle guidance to ensure the table is ready for use.

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Popular stereotactic prone biopsy tables like the Siemens Mammotest and the Hologic Multicare Platinum are readily available on the secondary market. Block Imaging continues to purchase and refurbish these systems in an effort to meet customer requests for tables that look and function like new, but don’t come with the "sticker shock" of a new table. Our goal is to produce tables that look like they just came off the assembly line and operate at (or above) OEM specification.