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Turning Used Digital Mammos into Refurbished Digital Mammos

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Buying a refurbished digital mammography machine means access to late-model technology at a much more affordable price than buying brand new. And, when your refurbishment is performed by a reputable provider, the condition of the system in question is comparable to what it was when the system first left the factory.

The trouble is, not every refurbishment provider shares exactly what they mean by "refurbishment". The video below is intended to help clear the air on the matter. We can't speak for other providers, but  this clip discusses the processes Block Imaging uses to return used digital mammo machines to OEM specifications. You'll also see the final performance check-out of a Hologic Selenia, freshly-refurbished in our refurbishment headquarters in Holt, Michigan. 


Digital Mammography Refurbishment Process

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Now that you're a little more familiar with the results you can get from refurbished digital mammo systems, you might also have a few questions about choosing the best one for your facility. We can help with that too. Take a peek at some of our other mammography resources to learn more about equipment, service, and parts.

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