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Toshiba Aquilion 64 Lease Price Guide

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If you've been scanning at a lower slice count, a 64-slice CT represents a powerful step forward for your capabilities. Among the models you're likely to encounter as you begin considering the best 64-slice CT for you is Toshiba's Aquilion 64.

Like many of its contemporaries, the Aquilion offers improvements in image quality, dose reduction, and general workflow. Of course, along with these advantages comes a higher cost that, for some, may be a touch difficult to pay in a lump sum. In situations like these, leasing options from a refurbished equipment vendor can help make it happen. Here's a look at our most popular lease program.

Multi-Year Financing for Toshiba Aquilion 64

The number one option people choose when they contact us to lease an Aquilion 64 is a 60-month term. This breaks up the total price for the equipment over an extended time, making starting costs as manageable as possible while enabling a facility to upgrade sooner than later. Right now, with 60-month terms, monthly lease payments for a Toshiba Aquilion 64 are approximately $2,600. Please keep in mind- that price doesn't count service coverage for the scanner.

Whether you lease your CT or buy it outright, it's our recommendation that you cover it with some kind of service program. Preventive maintenance should be performed on a consistent basis to keep functionality in check. Repairs, and parts replacements are all but guaranteed to be a necessity eventually too. Paying for a tube replacement, for example, is a sizeable expense, one that is covered for you under a service agreement. 60-month terms lower starting costs even further by breaking up first-year of service costs across the payments of all 60 months. The monthly cost for the first year of service on an Aquilion 64 is about $1,600.

If the outright purchase of an Aquilion 64 plus a year's worth of service in 12 regular installments would be a stretch for your equipment budget, the 60-month plan lets you get started for a monthly cost in the neighborhood of $4,200.

The Takeaway 

Whether or not the Aquilion 64 is the scanner you ultimately choose, it's good to know there's financing that can help your facility upgrade quickly. This leasing plan, and others at different term lengths, are available for many types of CT scanners from all the major manufacturers. If you want additional information, contact us, or click on the banner below to receive more details.

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