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Imaging Equipment Service

Full Coverage Service vs. Preventative Maintenance Service

Imaging equipment service is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, and comes with many questions.

What service coverage should i get for my cath lab?

Interventional cath and angio systems are not only big investments, they're a cornerstone modality...

How Much Will it Cost to Refill Helium in my MRI Machine?

If you've owned or operated an MRI machine for even just a few years of the last decade, you know...

Hologic Dimensions and 3Dimensions AWS Preventative Maintenance

If your facility owns medical imaging equipment, you are no stranger to the importance of regular...

What Does 'End of Life' Mean for MRI Scanners? | Block Imaging

If you own an MRI scanner, your OEM has likely used the phrase "end of life" when discussing your...