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Top Imaging Equipment Service Articles of 2015

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Jordan_Service_Graphic.jpgThe team at Block Imaging spent 2015 creating content about all kinds of imaging equipment. On top of that, we had a few things to say about keeping all those systems up and running. To share a few highlights with you, we've brought all the best articles created by our Service Team together in one place for easy reference. Whether you're looking for service options, replacement parts, or a more specific troubleshooting guide, there's sure to be something helpful in the list below.


Choosing Service

Imaging Equipment Service: Cost vs. Quality: Choosing the right service plan goes beyond the price tag, but how how can you be sure that a prospective plan is a good value? This article will guide you through a few key aspects of a service plan that should be considered alongside the dollars and cents on your provider's quote.

Imaging Equipment Service Trends: Where Is the Industry Heading?: Block Imaging's Vice President of Service shares his predictions of what the next few years might hold for the imaging equipment service industry.

Time & Materials Imaging Equipment Service: Manage Your Risk Strategically: Learn a few tips that will help you maximize the value and effectiveness of your time and materials service calls.


Imaging Service Success Story: Managing 19 Systems with One Online Tool: The story of how Service Window helped a mobile equipment provider take charge of managing service for their C-arm fleet.

OEC 9800 DICOM Troubleshooting Guide: Having trouble sending images to PACS from your 9800? Follow these steps to learn if you can fix the problem yourself in just a few minutes.

OEC 9900 Boot-Up Errors: Top Troubleshooting Tip: If your 9900 is stalling out during boot-up, these steps will help you identify the problem so you can pass the info along to your service provider and save valuable diagnostic time. If your repair will require parts, having this information will allow your provider to know exactly which parts to have on hand.

Why Radiation Safety Training?: A reminder/refresher of the rules, regulations, and reasons behind OSHA's radiation safety training requirements. 


Why You Need a UPS for Your Imaging Equipment: The full run-down on the benefits of protecting your imaging equipment with an uninterruptible power supply.

MRI Coil Damage Prevention 101: Tips and care procedures that will help you maximize the life of your MRI coils and minimize the dollars you spend on repairs and replacement.

Image Intensifier Lifespan and Signs of Failure: What to expect from your II in terms of longevity and replacement cost and how you can tell that replacement is imminent.

Siemens Sensation Detector Module Replacement Guide: If you're using a Siemens Sensation CT, there are a few things you should know about your detector modules before you replace any of them. Read this article to learn the particulars.

The Takeaway

If you found these articles helpful, you can look forward to seeing even more from our Product, Service, and Parts Teams throughout 2016. You can subscribe with the form in the righthand column of this post.

If you have other questions we haven't answered yet, feel free to contact our Service Team. We're here to help you help patients with maximum imaging equipment uptime!

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