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The Best C-Arm Values for Q4 2018

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As we enter into the home stretch of 2018, we'll be talking with buyers all over the world about the best C-arm value to take their facilities into 2019. In most of those conversations, there are three systems we're likely to recommend. These models stand out right now because they strike the best balance between cost, reliability, and clinical function. Let's take a look at our top C-arm picks for Q4 2018.

OEC 6800

6800 Cut Out

The OEC 6800 is a classic, workhorse mini C, but don't let its age fool you; it has 1k x 1k imaging just like a lot of newer models. See the 6800 compared to the Hologic Insight II here.

While it's true GE doesn’t support these anymore, the unit has been very popular and has quite a bit of parts crossover with its big brother, the OEC 9800. This means there are more years left in these units with a little help from the used parts market. On top of that, with newer mini-C models pushing the market down, you can pick these up for cheaper than ever before. Prices are currently $30,000 or lower from most refurbishers, with warranty, delivery, and installation included.

Arcadis Varic C-ArmSiemens Arcadis Varic

For the pain management or orthopedic center looking for a well-designed, 1k x 1k, late 2000s unit, Siemens' Arcadis Varic may be a good option. Siemens' new Cios line and falling prices for the OEC 9800 have pushed these small-footprint units into a very affordable range. With Siemens' renowned engineering and price points expected to be under 40k with warranty the Arcadis Varic is definitely worth a look this season.

OEC 9800 - new logoOEC 9800

For those who thought the 9800 market would never come down: your day has come! Over the last quarter we’ve seen this staple model finally start to soften as OEC FD elite units have displaced more 9800s and put them into the market. By our estimates the market has dropped 8-12% since the beginning of the year.

With accessories and add-ons becoming more affordable too, it’s as good a time as any for users from general surgery, to pain management, to vascular to consider one of these gold-standard units. See how the 9800 stacks up against its successor, the OEC 9900 here.

The Takeaway

2018 has been a banner year for value among refurbished C-arms. Some of the most reliable, well-engineered, and flexible systems available have moved into more affordable price brackets, while retaining their serviceability. If Q4 is your time to invest in something more for your equipment stable, there's a good chance you'll be able to walk away with a little more for your money.

If you have questions about the above C-arm models or any others, we're ready to assist. Use the button below to tell us what you're looking for.

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