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Three Reasons to Rent a Hologic Dimensions 3D Tomo Mammography System

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While some facilities might have the budget comfort to dive right into purchasing a Dimensions 3D Tomo system, most of us are more inclined to wade into the waters more slowly and cautiously. What's the best way to do that? It might just be to start with a rental. Below you'll find three reasons we think you'll benefit from a slower start in 3D Tomo with the rental of a Dimensions 3D.

3 Reasons to Rent Hologic Dimensions 3D

Risk Mitigation

You've done the homework for stepping up your mammo game: you’ve identified the referral channels, sized up the competition, run the projection models, and all looks favorable to safely jump in, but there's still no way to be 100% sure without the asset in hand. But by renting a system, your docs and techs have an opportunity to test out market for real, with the actual system in place, under the actual conditions your practice is operating in now, without the all-at-once capital outlay of a purchase.

Using Operating Dollars

If you are hesitant to get attached at the hip with a long-term capital lease, and become responsible for selling the asset afterwards if things go sideways, don't worry: funding a rental can come from your operating budget instead of your capital budget. And if things go well, the money in your capital budget is still there to move forward with your purchase.

Option to Buy

In many cases, the money you've spent on your "test drive" isn't a loss! If your rental provider's policies are similar to ours, your rental plan will allow you to apply a strong percentage of your rental dollars as credit toward the purchase of the unit.

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The Takeaway

While the main goal of renting a Hologic Dimensions 3D Tomo system is gaining the use of a high-quality system from an industry-leading company, there are benefits to your budget and your market research to be reaped as well!

If "wading gradually" into 3D mammography sounds like an approach that fits your circumstances better than a purchase, Block Imaging would love to help! Our team can help with room-readiness planning, system delivery, installation, apps training, and full service coverage during the rental. Use the button here to inquire, or call us directly at 517-668-8800.

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