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Three Applications for OrthoScan Mobile DI Mini C-Arms

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Most of the motivations in shopping for a mini C-arm are related to areas of specialty. There are obvious applications for podiatrists, hand surgeons, and (as with any mobile C-arm) orthopedic studies. However, the flexibility and flat detector of the OrthoScan Mobile DI are opening many more doors for applications that haven't traditionally considered mini C systems.

Below, we'll share with you a few "sweet spot" facilities and/or circumstances that can be well served not only by a mini C-arm, but specifically by the compact and versatile Orthoscan MDI.

Prime Placement for OrthoScan MDI Mini C-Arms

MDI Carry CaseCenters with Multiple Offices: If you work out of more than one location, the MDI is so small it can easily travel between them. The tube/detector assembly can be detached from the stand and moved safely between locations in the optional travel case. This allows the cost of the system to be shared among the offices. 

Small Animal Hospitals/Clinics: Simply put, the Orthoscan MDI is about as flexible as a mini C-arm can get. This flexibility, both on the adjustable stand and on any stable surface when the tube/detector assembly is detached, is an excellent fit for imaging small animals that may be uncooperative or require very specific positioning.

Plastic Surgeons, Extremity Surgeons, Sports Teams: The MDI enables on-demand imaging for smaller body parts like hands, wrists, feet, and ankles in smaller spaces like specialty offices or locker rooms.

The Takeaway

Whether any of the situations we've described sound like you, or you're simply interested in highly portable, easy to store digital fluoroscopy with 2k x 1.5k resolution, the OrthoScan MDI might be a good fit for your needs. If you'd like to know more about the most flexible mini C on the market, our team is ready to help. Use the button below to get a quote, ask questions, or just start a conversation about your next C-arm solution.

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