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The ONE Question Diagnostic Imaging Buyers Should Be Asking

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If you’re a hospital imaging director or purchasing director, you already know that it isn’t getting any easier to gain capital approval for equipment purchases. Reimbursement cuts, new accreditation requirements, ACA changes- all of these things, and others, have played a part in creating a trend that asks you to do more with less.

In light of this, you’ve probably been asking quite a few questions and having to wait for answers to emerge from CMS, ACR, Congress, and the like. You will get your answers eventually, and they will inform your understanding of the new budgetary landscape but, in the meantime, there is a question you might not be asking that can have a significant effect on your ability to secure funding for equipment updates.

Step into the scene below (click to enlarge) to see what can happen when you ask…


While it’s still best practice to do the legwork, get the OEM quotes, and see the ceiling on what the market has to offer, going just a little further and adding a refurbished option to your research will give you a better understanding of the full spectrum and uncover savings you might otherwise miss.

Learning about refurbished options is even easier to do if you are part of a GPO. GPOs (perhaps even your own) are now beginning to vet and approve refurbished equipment companies as providers for their members. A conversation with your GPO rep will reveal which providers they’ve approved and help you find out how they can give you the advantage in the capital equipment approval process.

Regardless of your GPO status, refurbished equipment providers are a growing sector of the imaging market that it will pay to know and consider. Be sure that, as you kick off your next purchasing process, you’re not forgetting to bring your refurbished option to the table. It could make all the difference in getting your next equipment acquisition started.

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