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The Fastest Way to Order Imaging Equipment Parts

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For those of you who have purchased a used imaging part, or at least compared the cost of a used part to the list price of a new part, the following isn't really news to you. But for those who haven't yet had the used parts experience, we want to be clear: The secondary parts market is a good place to save significant money on the overall maintenance of your imaging equipment.

While there are substantial dollars to be saved, however, sometimes the secondary market isn't the most efficient place to order parts. This is why there's now a faster way to order used imaging parts so that you can not only save money, but also some time and frustration along the way.

The following are a few advantages that can come with ordering parts online through ecommerce. The more of these features a parts provider can offer on their site, the quicker and more convenient your experience can be.

24/7 Ordering

We've said it before but, in light of ecommerce, it bears repeating: "Equipment failure doesn't keep a 9-5 schedule."

When you need a part, you need it- and with ecommerce, the time doesn't matter. You can still find your part and get things in motion. A facility in California, for example, may find themselves in need of a CCD camera for their OEC 9800 C-arm at 10pm. If they order that night and select expedited shipping, the camera could be on its way to them before their next shift reports in the morning.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Not every ecommerce platform offers this feature, but those that do bring a significant advantage to the table. Parts availability can be confirmed with a few clicks. For the proactive type, inventory tracking can allow them to check back periodically and see where a provider's stock is at on their equipment's most vital components.

Member Discounts

This is also a feature that you may not find everywhere. In many cases though, registering as a user on an ecommerce platform makes you eligible to view and receive discounts on your parts purchases. Some providers also increase the percentage off for users that bring repeat business.

The Same Service

Any parts ecommerce provider worth their salt will have their site backed by a real team of customer service reps- the same courteous and helpful reps that would take your order if you opted to phone it in. Sure, a well-constructed site should be relatively self-explanatory, but when the occasional question does come up, an actual person should be accessible to field it. If a provider wants to go above and beyond in this area, their site may even have a live chat feature that allows users to instant message a service rep with their question.

Where to Find It

If you have a parts provider that you already work with, check with your usual rep about what their online ordering capabilities are. If ecommerce is available, ask about the features above to see how you might be able to minimize stress and downtime by ordering your replacement parts online.

If you'd like to see how the Block Imaging Parts Team does ecommerce, click on the screenshot to visit and explore, or click the button to secure your parts discount by creating a login ID.


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