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The Best Mobile MRI for Long-Term Rental

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In an earlier post, we shared the most important questions to ask when selecting an interim mobile MRI to cover for downtime or during a change-out of scanners. But when your "interim" is longer than most (or indefinite), choosing the right mobile MRI system isn’t driven as much by the make/model of the system being replaced or the inbound equipment being installed. In these long-term scenarios, the decision takes on more nuance. Regardless of the reason for deploying a mobile for a stint longer than 6 months, the following are our recommendations by category.

Optimal Versatility

Siemens Espree

Equipped with a 70-cm bore diameter and Total Imaging Matrix (TIM) technology, the Siemens Espree is one of the most versatile systems in the mobile MR category. If your long-term mobile needs comprise a range of scan types (and patient types), the Espree can meet them for the duration of your rental.

Some patients already struggle with feelings of confinement in a traditional imaging room. This "closed in" feeling can sometimes be increased by the necessarily smaller dimensions of a mobile coach. The larger, 70-cm bore of the Espree provides additional comfort that can be the difference between completing a successful patient scan or needing to reschedule/relocate to another center. 

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Bread-and-Butter Scanning

Siemens Symphony or GE LX 9.1

In scenarios where patient volume is relatively low or the budget is a bit tighter, the Siemens Symphony and GE LX 9.1 are great options to consider. Both cost under $20,000 per month for longer-term rentals. These two units are reliable, workhorse candidates for what’s commonly referred to as "bread-and-butter" scanning. If you plan to serve a handful of patients each day without high specialization, either of these could be a solid choice.

The Takeaway

There are a host of technical factors that are also important in selecting the right mobile unit, from image quality to throughput targets, mobile layout, or coil configuration. When it comes to matching a system to a facility's clinical needs and budgetary constraints however, overall qualities like versatility and reliability come to the fore. The systems recommended here fit those descriptors to a T.

We hope this information has been helpful. Our team would consider it a privilege to dive into your specific project goals to make recommendations and discuss how we can support. 

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