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The Best C-Arm Tables for Pain Management [VIDEO]

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Starting a pain management practice from the ground up can be a daunting process with many moving parts; not the least of which is choosing the right equipment package for your OR. To help make that a little easier for you, we talked with our resident C-arm expert, Chris Sharrock, about choosing a C-arm table that strikes the best balance between function and cost for pain management physicians.

Watch the clips below to see:

• Which table movements are the most essential for pain management practices

Which movements may be an unnecessary purchase

• Current average table pricing

C-arm table movements demonstrated 

The Best C-Arm Tables for Pain Management

The Best C-Arm Tables for Pain Management

Three-Movement C-Arm Table Demo

Three-Movement C-Arm Table Demo

Selecting a great table will bring you one step closer to fully outfitting your pain management practice. To help you with the rest of what you may need, take a look at some of our other resources. If you're ready to take the next step start a conversation, you can contact us here or use the button below to tell us about your project.

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