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Tethered Digital X-Ray Upgrades: What's Included?

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If you've heard any of the recent buzz about upgrading analog X-ray systems with digital radiography (DR) panels, you've definitely heard about how they improve speed, improve image quality, and reduce maintenance costs. But, while the benefits of upgrading may be clear, what you actually get when you purchase an upgrade kit is frequently glossed over.

Take a look at the video below to see all of the pieces that come with a typical DR panel upgrade kit. The kit you'll see has a tethered panel but, with the exception of some batteries, will resemble the kit you would receive with the purchase of a wireless DR panel upgrade.


Tethered DR Panel Upgrade Kits: What's Included?

Tethered DR Panel Upgrade Kit: What's Included?


A tethered DR panel upgrade kit is an excellent fit for a facility that is ready to go digital but may not be ready to tackle the higher cost of a wireless upgrade kit. There is also no need to change or charge batteries, as is necessary with a wireless panel. They are, however, not a particularly good fit for use with portable X-ray systems as the cable can be cumbersome while moving the system between locations.

To see more options and help determine which DR upgrade will best meet your site's needs, you can read more about all the types in any of the resources linked below. You can also feel free to reach out to our X-ray Product Team with your questions.

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