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STI Streamline vs. Economax: C-Arm Surgical Tables Compared

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When you first look into the C-arm table market, it’s immediately apparent that many of the tables available are quite similar in function and design. Still- if you’re in search of the best table for you right now, it pays to be aware of the subtle differences.

Today we’re looking at two tables from one of the most popular C-arm table brands around: Surgical Tables Inc. (STI). One of the doctors we serve asked just recently what the difference was between STI’s Streamline and Economax tables. He noticed the price difference on his own, of course, but wasn’t sure what else set these two models apart. Let’s compare!

What’s the Same

Both the Streamline and the Economax are rated with a 500-pound table top weight capacity. They have the same movement options available; height, lateral tilt, Trendelenburg, longitudinal travel, and lateral travel. Both are manufactured here in the United States. STI also offers the same warranty on both models. At first glance, these tables are nearly identical.

What’s Different

There are two main differences between the Streamline and the Economax. The first is cost. Depending on the number of movements you choose, the Economax is roughly $4,000 to $5,000 higher in cost.

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The second difference is the subtler of the two and, ultimately, a matter of doctor preference. On the rare occasions when the doctors we’ve worked with prefer the Economax, and are willing to pay the additional 4-5 grand, the preference comes down to a single factor: the shape of the table base.

The wheels of the Streamline are attached to the ends of a beam that runs the length of the whole table. Some doctors find the beam obtrusive during certain cases- particularly extremities. The wheels of the Economax are on shorter brackets, closer to the table motor. This shape keeps the area under the end of the table clear for positioning equipment and cables.


The Takeaway

In terms of functionality, these tables are even; identical in movements, warranty, capacity, and almost every other significant feature. Given the price difference, however, we see an overwhelming majority of folks opt for the Streamline series. It is STI’s most popular table line. But, if you specialize in extremity work and you think the clearance around the table base of the Streamline might hamper your workflow, the Economax solves the issue for just a few thousand dollars more.

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