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Steve Rentz
Product Manager - MRI 


I have been managing the MRI business at Block Imaging since 2003 and its been exciting to see all the growth that’s occurred here since then! I particularly enjoy the international side of our business and connecting with people all over the world – it makes every day a learning experience. I’ve worked hard over the years to build strong relationships with people I truly enjoy working with (and I hope enjoy working with me as well).  If you are one of those people – thanks for your business and your friendship! If you are not, I hope you soon will be - our business works best when it’s a true partnership and I will work to earn your trust. 

Here are 10 things about me,  not related in any way to imaging equipment:

  1. I’ve been married for over 20 years, have 3 amazing children, and 1 idiot dog.

  2. I am from Indiana originally but I lived for 5 years in Jackson, Mississippi. This gave me a solid appreciation for the deep south – especially crawfish boils, barbecue, and Cajun food

  3. I’ve been a woodworker for years and am always working on something – and it always takes me twice as long as I think it will. See pictures, below, of some of my projects -- along with a cat I made as a prop for my daughter’s ballet and a face I made out of ground sausage.

  4. I own 3 guitars and play guitar and piano exclusively for my own enjoyment. In over 20 years I have rarely ever played in front of a crowd of more than a few people. My 14 year-old daughter is currently teaching me to play the saxophone.

  5. I can ride a unicycle though I don’t own one anymore.

  6. I love golf and I love to ski, but I am lucky if I do each once a year.

  7. I was a swimmer growing up. My coach even coached the Hungarian and Italian Olympic teams and is in the International Swimming Hall of Fame. However, I quit the swim team at 16 when my younger brother started beating me, and I regret that I didn’t stay with it. 

  8. One of the hardest things I’ve ever done was teach myself how to juggle 5 balls when I was about 15. It's a skill that convinced me that most things are possible if you work hard enough. It's also a skill that almost never comes in handy for anything.

  9. I love to barbecue but don’t own a gas grill. The only thing I use is a smallish charcoal grill called the Big Green Egg (see pictures). It's an amazing piece of equipment – call me and I’m always happy to discuss it. 

  10. I’ve been a runner for the last 15 years. I’m one of those strange people who does it just for fun. I ran one marathon (in 3:48) 12 years ago but won’t run another unless one of my kids does it with me. There is a better-than-decent chance of this happening.

  • The Block sales bell
  • the Big Green Egg
  • Cat prop I made for my daughter's ballet
  • Sausage face
  • My family

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