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Siemens Ysio vs. GE XR 656

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So you think you want to buy a brand-new, digital X-ray system? If your capital situation allows, this can be an exciting prospect! Buying new equipment opens your path to latest-and-greatest-type hardware and software features that make patient care simpler, faster, and more robust.

Currently, among the major manufacturers, there are two systems at the forefront of native digital (from the factory, without retrofits or third-party add-ons) X-ray systems: the Siemens Ysio Max and the GE Discovery XR656 Plus. We put together a comparison of these two systems to give you a better understanding of what these units have to offer in cutting-edge X-ray.

Ysio Max and XR656 Plus Specifications

The specs mentioned below are far from an exhaustive list, but they do comprise the features we discuss with buyers most often. Take a look and see how these two X-ray models stack up to one another.

Table Weight Capacity

The Ysio Max has a patient table capacity rated at 529 pounds. The XR656 Plus is rated substantially higher, at 705 pounds. 

Automated Movement

Both models have fully automated movement options. In both cases, the automation can be bypassed to allow the operator to perform manual positioning.

Number/Configuration of Detectors

The Ysio allows for up to three detector panels to be connected to the system simultaneously. Each of these offers a different field of view (FOV). 10x12, 14x17, and 17x17 panels are available to provide a suitable FOV for any study.

The XR656 allows for two panels to be connected. The panels that come with it are 16x16 only.

Detector Room Sharing

The Ysio is one of several models with Siemens' panel sharing technology. With a single button click, Ysio panels can be shared among up to three additional Siemens X-ray or R/F rooms.

The GE Flashpad detectors found on the XR656 are not shareable between rooms.

3D Image Construction

The Ysio is not enabled with a 3D image construction feature. The XR656 uses GE's VolumeRad digital tomosynthesis software 3D construction.

Auto Tracking

Both models feature auto tracking.  The ceiling-mounted tube will follow the movements of the table and chest stand to assist with positioning and angulation during studies.

Where the Siemens Ysio Max Wins

The Ysio Max has the advantage in overall flexibility. With up to 3 detector options (all 3 can be used in one room), the ability to select the correct image FOV for various studies is a plus. From 10x12 for small limb/joint studies, to 17x17 for long bone and spine studies, there's an FOV for just about everything..

Siemens has also made a recent push to optimize overall efficiency throughout a facility. To that end, the detectors used in a Siemens Ysio room can be switched between up to 3 additional Siemens X-ray and/or R/F rooms in the same facility with just one click. This maximizes the value of a panel and can reduce cost.

Where the GE XR656 Wins

GE pushes for innovation in software features that put them ahead of the competition. The big separator in this case is VolumeRad digital tomosyntehsis. This software feature allows for 3D image reconstruction from a single X-ray sweep. This can eliminate the need for an additional CT scan and increase patient throughput/efficiency and quality of a diagnosis on the first pass.

The GE table has a patient capacity 176 lbs. higher than the Siemens table. This gives the XR656 Plus the ability to serve the heaviest patients safely.

Which System Should You Buy?

As with many things, your individual situation will dictate the best option for your team and facility. Both the Ysio and the XR656 are high-quality systems that can serve your patients well, but if you press us for a recommendation, we'll say the following:

If detector flexibility is high on your list of priorities, the Siemens Ysio Max is a strong pick- especially if you already have other Siemens X-ray or R/F systems in your facility.

If efficiency between the X-ray and CT modalities or the ability to serve heavier patients are high on your list of priorities, you might be better served by the features of the GE XR656 Plus

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