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Siemens Sensation 16 Lease Price Guide

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We all know it's important to have the right tools to serve patients, but many of us also know that these tools can come at a cost too high to buy them outright. If the tool your facility happens to need is a 16-slice CT scanner, this article has good news for you: lease terms are available to make upgrading more feasible for imaging centers that need to be budget-conscious.

While it's understood that leasing equipment lowers starting costs, you should also know that some lease providers include the price of the scanner's first year of service coverage in a bundle price and break it out across the full term of the lease as part of the monthly payment. This allows for 12 months of lower payments before you ever have to tap into the funds you would normally set aside for equipment upkeep.

Below, find what you can expect your monthly payments to be for a lease on a Siemens Sensation 16 under our most commonly purchased term length, 60-months.

60-Month Lease

Leasing a Sensation 16 for a 60-month term is far-and-away the agreement buyers seem to prefer. Breaking up the cost into such a large number of payments dramatically lowers starting costs and allows an upgrade to happen sooner. Under 60-month terms right now,monthly payments for a Siemens Sensation 16 are around $1,750. Keep in mind that payments at that level don't include service coverage.

It's our recommendation that any CT scanner be under service coverage. Regular maintenance should be in place to ensure performance. Repairs, and new parts are an inevitability as well. Replacing a tube, for example, can be a hefty cost if it comes from your own pocket but, under coverage, that cost and others are taken care of for you. The 60-month lease term lowers starting costs further by distributing the cost of the first year of service across the full term too. The monthly cost for the first year of service on a Sensation 16 is around $1,100.

If buying a Sensation 16 outright in a lump sum and covering its first year of service in 12 installments instead of 60 is too much for your equipment budget, this plan gets you upgraded for around $2,850 a month.

The Takeaway

Whether or not a Sensation 16 is the CT scanner you choose for your facility in the end, it's important to understand that you have access to financing options that help you upgrade sooner and at a manageable financial pace. Choices like these can be found for a lot of other CT models too. If you want to know more, you can contact us or see some of our other CT lease guides:

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