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Siemens Matrix Coils: What They Are, How You Benefit

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Most of the time, MRI coils are simply called by the body part they're used to image; head coil, spine coil, breast coil, etc. That's why when people come across Siemens Matrix coils for the first time, there are usually some questions about what they are and what they do.

The short video below will give you a brief explanation of what makes Matrix coils unique from other MRI coils, as well as a rundown of how you, your facility, and your patients can benefit from using them.

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Siemens Matrix Coils: What they Do, How You Benefit

Siemens Matrix Coils: What they Do, How You Benefit

The Takeaway

 If you're in the market now, or will be soon, to purchase an MRI scanner, any Siemens MRI machine with Total Imaging Matrix (TIM) technology would allow you to take advantage of the benefits of Matrix coils. Among the Siemens MRI scanners commonly available on the secondary market today, this means you can choose from any of the following systems:

  • 1.5 Avanto TIM
  • 1.5 Espree TIM
  • 1.5 Symphony TIM
  • 3.0 Trio TIM

If you'd like to know more about Matrix coils or TIM-enabled Siemens MRI scanners, we can help with that. Use the button below to ask a question, get a quote, or get a project started.

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