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Siemens Emotion 16 Lease Pricing Guide

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So, you've done all the legwork of selecting a great CT scanner- you've read comparisons and reviews, you've downloaded buyer's guides, you've had frank conversations with others in the imaging field, and you've decided that the Siemens Emotion 16 is the scanner you want to pursue. Excellent! 16-slice scanners are standard equipment at many facilities and the Emotion is a system that offers a compact footprint and notable dose reduction features. This is a great pick!

Trouble is... an outright purchase isn't financially feasible at the moment. Don't worry. There are ways of getting the equipment you need without waiting to set aside a lump sum for the full purchase price.

Siemens Emotion 16 Monthly Lease Payments

A lease plan can be an excellent option for making the jump to an Emotion 16 more accessible, and sooner. There are a variety of plans available but, for the sake of time, we'll break down what we've found to be the most popular one below.

Most of the time, when we talk to people about leasing an Emotion 16, they choose a 60-month term. This splits the full price of the system across a longer time frame, lowering initial cost and enabling upgrade sooner than later. Currently, a buyer choosing an Emotion 16 at 60-month terms pays around $2,250 per month. That rate, however, does not include service coverage.

Whether or not you choose to lease or to purchase outright, we always suggest buyers join some type of service coverage program to see that periodic maintenance is performed and to help with the cost of replacement parts and repair labor. It is entirely possible for a service program to pay for itself with just one service call related to a major component like an X-ray tube, for example. 60-month terms get those starting costs even lower by splitting the first year of service costs across the payments of all 60 months. The monthly cost for the first year of service on an Emotion 16 is about $1,300.

If purchasing an Emotion 16 and its first year of service coverage all at once sounds a little out of your range, the 60-month lease plan allows you to upgrade now for a monthly cost somewhere near $3,550.

The Takeaway

Whichever CT scanner and/or lease plan you choose in the end, we're happy to help you through the process with all the information you might need. Contact us for more details on lease pricing, CT scanner systems, and CT scanner service

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