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Siemens Bi-Plane Cath Lab Tube and Detector Guide

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Unlike their numerous single-plane counterparts, there are only three types of bi-plane labs in the Siemens Axiom Artis product line: the dBA (digital bi-plane angiography), the dBC (digital bi-plane cardiology), and the dBC with magnetic navigation. Still, when the time comes to replace a digital detector or an X-ray tube on one of these systems,  it's not a one-size-fits-all scenario. 

To help clarify your parts ordering process, below you'll find which detectors and tubes fit which bi-plane Axiom Artis models, and the part number for each.

Digital Detector Types

We’ll talk about the detectors first. As you may have guessed, some of these are the very same detectors that you'll find on single-plane Axiom Artis labs and, just as the case is with the single-plane labs, may vary in their compatibility with features like magnetic navigation (mag nav) and digital subtraction angiography (DSA). 

Siemens Axiom Artis Bi-Plane Detector Models

System(s) Detector Type Part Number
dBA  20 x 20cm 06614007
dBC, dBC w/mag nav 20 x 20cm w/DSA 7555308
dBA 30 x 40cm 06643907
dBA 30 x 40cm 07555209
dBC w/mag nav 20 x 20cm w/mag nav 03840761

X-Ray Tube Types

The next table contains all of the X-ray tube types found on bi-plane Axiom Artis labs. NOTE- if your system currently has a tube installed that does not have "Cat" on the label, it is a tube with an older bearing style that has since been replaced by one of the liquid bearing tubes listed here. Also, if you have a dBC lab, be sure to confirm whether or not it has mag nav, as the feature requires that you use one of two tube types that are not compatible with other dBC labs.

Siemens Axiom Artis Bi-Plane X-Ray Tube Models

System(s) Tube Model Part Number
dBA, dBC, dBC w/mag nav MEGALIX Cat 125/35/80-121GW 05764506
dBA, dBC MEGALIX Cat 125/15/40/80-122GW 05765222
dBA, dBC MEGALIX Cat 125/15/40/80-121GW 05764522
dBA, dBC MEGALIX Cat Plus 125/20/40/80-122GW 10144184
dBA MEGALIX Cat Plus 125/20/40/80-121GW 10145086
dBC, dBC w/mag nav MEGALIX Cat Plus 125/40/90-121GW 10144181
dBC w/mag nav MEGALIX Cat 125/35/80-123GW 05765404
dBC w/mag nav MEGALIX Cat Plus 125/40/90-123GW 10144182

If you'd like to learn more about what the differences between these tubes are (like what the heck all the numbers mean), you can find out here: Decoding the MEGALIX Cath/Angio X-Ray Tube.

The Takeaway

Regardless of which of these tubes or detectors you need, our Parts Team can help you get the right one. Use the button below to tell us what you need and get a quote.

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