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Siemens Analog Cath Lab Tube Guide

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Analog_Axiom_Artis_Tubes.jpgWhile Siemens' digital Axiom Artis cath/angio labs continue to grow their presence in the interventional radiology sector, there are still plenty of dependable, workhorse analog labs in the field getting the job done for doctors and patients every day. If you have, or are considering, one of these labs, keep in mind that there are five models and there is no single X-ray tube that can be used interchangeably among the entire series.

When the time comes for you to get a replacement tube, you can take a quick look at the table below and get the official description and part number for simpler, quicker ordering.

X-Ray Tube Types

Note- if your system's current tube has a description without "CAT" in it, it's a tube with an older bearing style. These tubes have mostly been replaced by a tube with liquid bearings, denoted by the "CAT" descriptor. If you find one of these older tubes on the parts market, you stand to save some money, but the tube will probably also have much more use on it.

Siemens Axiom Artis X-Ray Tube Models

System(s) Tube Model Part Number
FA, FC MEGALIX Cat 125/15/40/80-121GW 5764522
FA, FC MEGALIX Cat 125/35/80-121GW 5764506
TA, TC MEGALIX Cat 125/35/80-122GW 5765040
TA, MP, TC MEGALIX Cat 125/15/40/80-122GW 5765222
MP OPTITIP 150/40/80 HC-100-4 04802216


If you'd like more details on the differences between these tubes (bearings, kV, kW, cooling), you can find them here: Decoding the MEGALIX Cath/Angio X-Ray Tube.

The Takeaway

Regardless of which Axiom Artis lab you use, our Parts Team can help you find the tubes, image intensifiers, and other parts you need. If you have a component need right now, use the button below to request a part and get a quote.

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